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Chocolate Chip Apple Crumble tart with Pink Lady®

An apple a day keeps the doctor away At least that’s what they say Believe what you may I’ve begun to stray but do you like my word play? There’s been quite a bit of Dr Suess around this house lately. That’s not a bad thing I suppose. Apart from…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies for Creatures of Habit

All hail the chocolate chip cookie! We worship at the altar of Choc chip anything over here. These little drops of happiness just bleed delight into the bleakest of bakes any day of the week. So how do we police this unrequited love of the cocoa bean? Well besides the…

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Chocolate & Chestnut Pots for the prepared

I would happily lay out the clothes for the whole week in the kids rooms if I thought they had any chance of actually staying there and making onto their bodies (in any fashion at all) during the week, such is my anxiety  with regards to organisation. It’s a combination…

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Pumpkin Risotto

Who’s with me in thinking Halloween is just a whole pile of Hocus Pocus? I’m Halloween’s version of the Grinch. I could happily skip straight to Candy cane’s and mulled drinks of all sorts once we bid goodbye to the long summer evenings.  It may simply be laziness on my…

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Pumpkin & Coconut Souper Scary Soup.

When someone mentions Halloween what pops into your head? Do you almost begin to salivate at the mouth such is the joyous prospect of decorating your house in the spookiest most autumnal way possible? Or does your heart sink in anticipation of fake blood on your sofa? Halloween in my…

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