1996 & other atrocities…..revisited….with renewed love


You know what they say?

“Everything changes but everything stays the same”.

The first time I heard that from my father-in-law I probably didn’t have a clue what it meant…..but I liked the ring to it so it stuck with me. However now, with age & maturity comes wisdom & I have gained a fuller understanding! Jeez, I have to console myself somehow! And so the great circle of life continues, and as with everything else, fashion also obliges.

And so, just the same as in my twenties, I long & lust for many many things…..but ironically especially those I left behind.


Yes indeed. I could not have put it better myself. Hands up who has not experienced this feeling? Hhhmmmm, yes, as I suspected……not a single hand raised.

Currently bugging me is a pair of trainers/runners I left behind me in Macy’s last December. Now to be fair I had bought nearly one of everything else in there so I had to leave something for the other shoppers…..(ok not quite one of everything but too much! You get my drift?)

I have subsequently become completely & irrationally obsessed with finding these beauties…..which proved difficulty enough…..but to find them at in and around the same price now as they were pre-Christmas in NY is nigh on impossible.

But low & behold I have found them in ASOS and here they are.


Are you surprised they are black? Apparently it’s all the rage with the young ones these days! I like it. However I do find myself battling images etched in my brain, from the mid nineties, of lobster faced young fellas from all over a Ireland on their J1’s, hurleys in hand, sweaty feet in white socks & black runners, belting a sliotar up & down Wildwood & other beaches on the west coast of America. Ah fun times…..but a fashion statement best left safely back in the day.

Did I mention they are €40 dearer here so on principal I am being stubborn. And looking around. And have found a wealth of trainers that I am sure I owned back in 1996, ’97 & ’98 whilst studying PE & Sports Science. I’m sure they are practically identical to the trainers I have vehemently turned my nose up at for the last 15 years as totally naff. I mean…..who ACTUALLY WEARS Air Max, New Balance 320’s & Adidas Gazelle’s with jeans anymore?

Ahem. Me ….over here….yes….top of the que. I cannot actually get enough and am now officially old and so blatantly out of that cool young persons demographic that all the radio stations seem to desire, as I have survived a full cycle of fashion.

Here are my absolute favourites and one will be my next purchase. I’ll let you I know once I decide.


(It’s kind of like a spot the difference competition really……but they are different!)


(I am a self-confessed trainer fiend……..this is as I type)

I  was around the 1st time Calvin’s were a big deal, lusting after ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg & his stomach that you could wash a dirty sheet on, I also lusted in equal measure about anything to do with Sienna Miller and her boho, ‘not a care in the world’ suede skirts & floral influences & now we throw open our arms to welcome them back into our lives once again.

To add to my woes I also have a pair of J Brand Love story jeans squirrelled away in the back of my wardrobe from the mid noughties and the last time flares were in. The jury is still out with regards to whether I will wear them or not. I think I love my skinny jeans too much……but maybe I am just getting stubborn in my old age? But what works massively in favour of the aul flares is the high waist that accompanies them.


(My Love Affair with my ‘Love Story’ jeans dates back to the early noughties)

Apparently there are rules to which we must abide in order not to get arrested by the fashion police this time round. According to The Guardian:

1: Wear with a wedge/stacked heel & NEVER a pointed shoe – I was a fan of the aul pointed white stiletto last time round. Yikes.

2: High Waisted and not hipster – aaahhhhhh and exhale….baby belly tightly tucked in behind my waist band instead of rolling out the top. Nice.

3: Never with a crop top – um…..isn’t this obvious? Not even in bed can I wear a crop top!

4: Ankle length – no, no, no, don’t actually care who says this. Not going to happen. “The streets of San Fransisco” called and want their trousers back and all that. (If you are under 30 I wouldn’t even bother trying to understand the accompanying joke above).



5: Half tucked shirt – not pulled down vest – oh disappointed! I could layer up and pull down a vest like nobody else in the 90’s. What you see 16 year olds wearing with stilettos to their school disco’s now, I wore over jeans as a top for years!!

Mind you I am partial to this new improved look here:


Am I brave enough? Hhmmm the jury is still out.

Now I’m ok with being here for the victory lap and all that…….but if you ever catch me contemplating a scrunchie………… One word.


Your’s whilst rooting through my wardrobe,

Cli xx





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