5 minute healthy breakfasts for busy bodies!!!

Hello Autumn!!

We are now a few weeks into the school term (for those of us with school going kiddies ……. or teachers themselves!) and for the rest of us it is about now that the end of summer hangover really settles in. The promise of long, summer evenings drinking wine on our underused garden furniture have been swapped with thoughts of warm log fires & constantly pulling up our 80 denier tights that gather so unflatteringly around our ankles.

The resolutions we have made for this new season, are fast becoming tedious and forgotten. It’s usually about now that things start to fall apart at the seams.


A good breakfast really is half the battle – wherever you eat it is up to you…..the kitchen…..the car…. the office……theses are just details. But what is most important is that if you start the day well you are more likely to continue the same way & also even if it all goes belly up.

So here are a few of my favourite Smash & Grab Brekkies. Most can be prepped the night before or in 2 minutes in the morning.

  • Mashed Avocado, strawberry & agave on sourdough/rye/wholemeal toast.

Goats cheese sprinkled on this is also lovely – I know it sounds strange but I braved a pinterest recipe one morning and was hooked!



Photo courtesy of Edible Perspective

  • Almond butter & sugar-free jam on toast.


Photo courtesy of my kitchen!

  • Poached eggs, smashed avocado & chilli flakes.

This is a great one for a busy saturday morning in place of a fry. Great to keep you fuelled if you are rushing out for swimming, football, tennis…whatever!!!

Just mash a ripe avocado with some salt & pepper, poach your eggs & sprinkle with chilli flakes. Simple.


My kitchen…… again – plates are Dunnes Carolyn Donnelly – I get asked about them a lot.

  • Coconut Chia Pudding

This is like dessert for brekkie. 3rd born is SAVAGE for this recipe so it’s a great post crèche snack with fruit or even after tea dessert.



1 can Coconut Milk

70 g Chia Seeds

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 tbsp maple syrup (or less – to taste)

1 tsp cinnamon

50 ml Milk of choice (I use almond or cows milk)


Place all the ingredients in a large jar and stir well – leave overnight.

Serve in morning with homemade granola, chopped fruit, toasted seeds or fruit puree.

These plastic System containers are great to bring this pudding on the go – especially as it keeps the granola separate so it doesn’t get soggy. Spoon included too!

  • Porridge:

Microwave oats made with almond milk, sprinkled with cinnamon, a dash of agave/maple syrup & frozen raspberries. Some times I add a spoon of nut butter too – personal favourites are Almond butter or Dark Choc Hazelnut butter.

  • Overnight Oats with greek yoghurt & fruit puree 

Simply add 2 tablespoons of porridge oats to 4 tablespoons of greek yoghurt. I add a few drops of vanilla extract also. Leave overnight in fridge. Loosen with some milk in  morning and sweeten with agave or maple syrup if you wish.

  • Chopped fruit, greek yogurt & home-made granola (recipe here)


And so there you have it – no excuses. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

If anyone else has some tasty quick breakfasts, please do feel free to share on my Facebook page which you can like here.

Yours, dreaming of breakfast in bed,

Cli xx




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