Afternoon Tea for Three with Otterbox

I didn’t need to be asked twice on this occasion.

Otterbox would like you to have Afternoon Tea with Leona and Nessa from Dreaming Always ” was how it was presented to me over the phone.

“Um, yes, let me check my diary – yes I see that I am pencilled in to have open heart surgery that day…..but surely it’ll wait…..afternoon tea it is!!!”

And with that I began to dream, scheme and plan a glorious few hours away from the mad house in which I reside. Out with the gym gear and in with some serious style worthy of an afternoon spent the Otterbox way with 2 of the chicest Mum’s in town. We don’t get to do it often so we were doing it right!!

leanmeanmomma otterbox

In true Mum-style though we all congregated outside in the fresh November air, clasping our phones in anticipation of a call from home wondering where the wipes were kept or who was collecting 1st born from football. Yes, no matter where you go or who you are with, Mum-brain never fully switches off. But at least the phones looked suitably stylish thanks to their Otterbox covers which you can buy here and here.

img_5497 leanmeanmomma otterbox

img_5769 img_5534 img_5689 leanmeanmomma otterbox

Sitting in Hayfield Manor, surrounded by the fire & good friends, dressed in leather leggings (I just couldn’t stay away from the leggings!! I just subbed the lycra out!!!) I felt a world away from my weetabix smeared, green smoothie making and homework  supervising self (on a side note: does anyone out there ever get the urge to just pick up the pen and actually do their kids homework themselves? It’s torturous waiting on them to arrive and the answer and eventually get round to writing it down sometimes!!!)

And so last Wednesday was a Wednesday of Champions – this week has a lot to live up to thanks to Otterbox.

Yours, still thinking about those clotted cream scones,

Cli xx

 Photos: Brid O’Donovan

Clothes: All Topshop apart from Silver boots (Zara)

This post is a sponsored post by OtterBox EMEA  & I have been compensated by Company in compliance with rules, regulations and opinions of the Federal Trade Commission

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