Banoffee Chocolate Sarnie’s

 There are good days & there are bad days. There are happy days & there are sad days. There are days, like today, where if you are me – you spend almost the whole day with a tissue attached to your nose, snuffling & snorting like a little pig. Welcome the common cold – much maligned by all!

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I permanently have a tissue on the go. One of my best friends often jokes that should anything every happen to me she would rest a tissue on my grave. Nice thought that – but funny all the same.

In my experience, as the old saying goes, a good a laugh & a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. Now the laugher comes easily……and the sleep not so much. But there are days when you need something more. Over and above the paracetamol and an assortment of honey/lemon drinks. For me, those days call for chocolate.


The darker the better – I have very little interest in plain chocolate but will obviously make exception for Dairy Milk! And a PURPLE snack (yes, let the great debate reign on and on. Blue? Purple? I don’t mind as long as it’s mine!)

Below is the simplest recipe I invented myself on noticing that I had an entire plantation of bananas about to go black in my kitchen recently.

Banoffee Chocolate Sandwiches




Dark 70% chocolate

Raw Caramel Sauce picture below.








And enjoy! I normally make a huge batch so they last ages from the freezer.


Let me know if you try them!!

Cli xx


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