Beat the Bloat – one smoothie at a time

Last Friday morning was going pretty well, all things considered. Recapping my week as I stuffed the remainder of a packet of ham into 1st born’s wholemeal sandwich (standard – half girl, half salty pork at this point) I had kept everyone alive, not been in trouble with the law nor had I lost anyone. In all, this was what I would call winning in terms of the current MomLife situation. You take the wins when you can and in whatever form they present themselves these days. What was once a small inconsequential victory now leaves you with a sense of achievement & euphoria similar to that experienced by an Olympic finalist.

But there is nothing like a 2 and a half foot high Unicorn sympathiser to put a damper on any Friday morning excitement you may find yourself experiencing.

“Moma……..” *cue hard stare below my belly button

“Moma……..” *cue 4 year old hand reach out & touch/pat/rub your tummy

Inside my head there is suddenly an emergency declared……..sirens going off in my brain as I brace myself for the impending obliteration of my jubilant mood.

“Mom….your belly is getting big again…..wait, I know…….are you having another baby?” *cue joyful look spreading across her face, proud to have identified the root of the problem.

The child was practically naming the imaginary embryo by the time the blood had returned to my face and I could focus again. I gazed down at the belly in question and understood.

For I, alongside many many other Irish men and women suffer from IBS. For the most part it’s controlled and I do fine. But every so often things go pear shaped (oh would you look….. I’m a comedian) and I resemble a 6 month pregnant woman. Which, for the record, is not a bad look…….IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY PREGNANT!

Now lest there be any confusion her. I. AM. NOT.

And so I reached for the Tumeric. Step 1 of my utterly boring IBS regime. But this smoothie does actually make things better.


What are the benefits of this dangerously stainable, mustardy yellow wonder powder? Tumeric is full of anti-oxidants and also reduces inflammation. There is some evidence that combined with standard therapies, it can provide relief from IBS and ulcerative colitis.

So I always figure it’s worth a try!

And with that out came the  smoothie makers and I blitzed up one of my now favourite smoothies – the recipe was passed to me from a friend.

anti inflammatory smoothie

And sharing is caring……

anti inflammatory smoothie


This, my friends is Matcha Tea – you can learn a little more here


1 Cup Green Tea (I use Matcha)

1 Cup frozen berries (I like blueberries)

1 tablespoon coconut oil (helps with absorption of Tumeric)

1/2 tsp of each, Ground Tumeric and Ground Ginger

1 tsp Chia

Dash of maple syrup

1 Cup Ice


Put all ingredients into smoothie maker and blend.

anti inflammatory smoothie

Your’s, still horrified that out of the mouth of babes and all that,

Cli xx



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