Brains in your head, Feet in your shoes…..

Welcome 2015! I hope you are prepared for many adventures ….. As I intend to have a few.


And so there we have it. Christmas 2014. Done & dusted – just like that. Now I know strictly speaking it is not officially over but for most of us (certainly me) I feel that by the time New Years Day comes I am done & ready to prepare to take down the decorations & get on with the most dismal month of the year.

Yesterday was my birthday & was spent in the same way for the past 5 or 6 years (apart from last year when 3rd born was just freshly arrived & still smelling of that lovely ‘just out of the tin’ baby smell). We went to The English Market in Cork for oysters, olives, cheeses & anything else that doesn’t require cooking.

And then we went to Wagamamas for dinner. I just ADORE Wagamamas as, let’s face it, kids make a mess & it never seems to matter in there. The food comes quickly, the kids menu is great & they had a prosecco coctail on the menu yesterday. My perfect NYE!



And so to 2015. No offence January…..but you are pretty awful. We are broke, hungover from sugar, rich food, drink & late nights. And ages from the next bank holiday! But let’s try to be positive.

Amongst my New Years resolutions this year ( of which as usual there are many – which will be met with great gusto until about Feb 3rd!) I have resolved to try some new recipes that have remained ignored in my many healthy, eat-clean cookbooks.

I have also resolved to go to bed earlier every night! Anytime I do I swear that I must continue to do so as I feel so much better after a proper sleep. But my bad habits are not the only hurdle to a good nights sleeps in this house. Wee’s, poo’s, nightmares, sore bellies, legs ,throats and the odd royal variety show being played out in the girls bedroom can be quite the obstacles also.


Today the great detox begins. I’m giving myself until Monday to get really strict but the prep begins today. Recipe books are out and the shopping list is being made.

Below are my 2 favourite books at the moment.


I have NO intention of quitting sugar but this book is really educational in the simplest way & there are some fantastic practical recipes. Even if you chose to use a few from time to time it all helps. One change at a time! Sarah Wilson says herself that you can push it as far as you want but you don’t have to obviously. There is a 5 day eating plan in it which I intend to do from Monday. But there is lots of prep to do first with regards ingredients. Hassle? A bit. But it’s only for 5 days.


Now Hemsley Hemsley I ADORE! I haven’t cooked my way through even a quarter of this book yet but everything I have cooked I have loved and done more than once. Their website here is great for recipes too. I really recommend the huevos rancheros with guacamole. You can see the recipe here

Today I am going to make their Pep-Up Tumeric Tea. It’s very simple.

In your teapot put, 1 tbsp grated ginger, 1/2 tsp ground Tumeric & pinch of cayenne pepper.
Fill with 600ml of hot (not boiling) water & leave to brew for 10 minutes.
Strain and serve with lemon juice and honey.

And finally this brings me to my new favourite gadget. An unusual choice! My kettle died a few days ago. I had a housewarming gift of a voucher for Brown Thomas so was not too put out to eventually get to spend it on a practical house gift. Yes…..I bought a kettle! But what I love about this kettle is you can set the temperature and heat the water to 70 degrees i.e the perfect temperature for herbal teas! A luxury for sure. But it’s great!!!!


And with that I am off to make that Pep-Up Tea! There was a cousins sleep over last night. I’m counting on this tea working wonders.

I hope you all had a wonderful evening & here’s to an exciting, happy 2015.

Cli xx

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