Chocolate & Chestnut Pots for the prepared

I would happily lay out the clothes for the whole week in the kids rooms if I thought they had any chance of actually staying there and making onto their bodies (in any fashion at all) during the week, such is my anxiety  with regards to organisation. It’s a combination of remembering stuff that doesn’t come naturally to me & also just always running out of time to do the little things. Who doesn’t?!

You know the one about having the dinner at 7am so they could get a good run at the day? Well that’s me. If I could get away with it. However we all know that there are limits really to how organised you can be. Also there is the issue of just really giving yourself more work by taking on too much. 

cliona o'connor tree christmas

However when it comes to Christmas I really do try to make an effort to get some of the preparations done early so I can down tools & really enjoy the trips to town or visitors popping over without dashing, ducking and diving all over the place. 

And this is why I genuinely do select my Christmas dishes based on what I have to cook on the day, the day before and what I can haul from my freezer already made in these coming days. Anything to make life a small bit easier is good with me. It free’s me up to spend hours wrestling badly stored Christmas lights  off hangers and out of boxes whilst silently cursing to myself under the dulcet tones of Micheal Bublé belting out another festive favourite.

This brings me to my Chocolate Chestnut Pots. Inspired by Nigella Lawson but changed up just a little by me. Customised. Shur isn’t that all the rage? You can make these anytime from now until the morning of the 25th and you will be good to go. Once set in the fridge I pop mine into a sealed tupperware box and into the freezer until the 24th. This also stops me from eating them early! They keep in the fridge for 3 days if the freezer doesn’t suit.

The hardest part of making these is opening the tin of Chestnut pureé. I got mine in the the English Market in Cork City but many Deli’s stock it (albeit at about twice the price it costs in the local supermarket in France…but what are you going to do?!). I double up the recipe so as to use the entire tin of Chestnut pureé – too much chocolate isn’t a thing is it?

I also make them in espresso cups. Its super rich and  creamy so even the biggest sweet tooth out there only needs a small portion. Whatever container you wish to use is good but just go light handed on the portions. My instagram has a video of me making them here so you can pop over there for a demo. You can follow me here too!

chocolate chestnut pots cliona oconnor


Add the milk and the cream to a pan on a medium heat. Remove it when it starts to bubble.

Blitz the chocolate in a food processor. Add the warm milk mixture to it and leave to stand for 30 seconds.

Blitz again. Add the egg and blitz for 30 seconds. 

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth.

Pour into small containers and leave to set in the fridge.

Happy blitzing and preparing!

Your’s off to wrestle a fairy onto a tree top,

Cli xx









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