Father’s Day & other excuses to eat chocolate!

Just a short post today……but I have recipe I need to share as it is a healthy chocolate! 

I hope everyone out there enjoyed their Father’s Day. We certainly did ….. But I must admit that I am feeling wrecked after our day in the city! The highlight being all 5 of us walking from Grand Parade to the playground (far) end of the fabulous Fitzgeralds park  only to, discover the playground was shut. Yes, of course it was! Silly us.

Outfit for comfort – had to DRAG myself out of my Trakkies but new espadrilles helped!

And the obligatory melt down ensued as we made our way back into the city centre. At this point I was hobbling as my pelvis has decided to start feeling pregnant lately. Hubster was sweating with the weight he was pushing in the buggy and the kids were wailing!

Prior to this we had stumbled across a street performer outside Brown Thomas and whereas in our pre-kidde days we would have rushed past, yesterday we stopped at first borns insistence & oh, what fun we had! Truly!


It really is the small things that make the biggest memories!

And so off to our absolute favourite place to eat with kids, we went – Wagamamas! We made our usual mess & the always helpful staff in there were, once again, well, helpful and patient! Unlike our off- spring, unfortunately and dessert was not to be. 

So what did I do when I got home? I made the quickest one in the world and here it is.

Quickest ever Homemade Chocolate Bark



75g flaked almonds

50g dessicated coconut

90g cocoa butter

50g raw cacao

75ml honey or maple syrup (I used honey)


Toast almond flakes lightly in frying pan over medium/low heat.

Melt cocoa butter in pan on low heat – be careful to do it slowly.

Add honey and cacao – whisk together.

Pour into parchment paper.

Sprinkle almonds & coconut on top and pop into freezer for an hour.

Enjoy with tea!

I store this in my freezer and it never sets too hard – I hate chocolate that you can’t taste as it is too frozen. I got my cocoa butter from amazon but I need to search and see if anyone locally sells it. I did see it in Holland & Barrett once so I’ll check that out again.

Yours, with her feet up,

Cli xx

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