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Many of you may have seen from my Snapchat and Instagram Stories I have recently started a collaboration with Elite Pilates in Cork. I vaguely remember a time when my knees didn’t crunch when I walked up a stairs. It was quite some time ago! My body has furnished us with 4 mini people who have hijacked not just my social life, but apparently my joints also!

And as for the muscular distress brought about by scrambling around the floor hunting down lost barbie shoes, lego horses & oh yea….the babies themselves who are dab hands are wedging themselves into small unreachable corners in a manner akin to that of Houdini – let’s just say my body is beginning to feel it’s age!!


Oh yea and all this without mentioning the actual childbirth process (babies, small spaces once again…..hmmmmm…… The extracting of them from the corner between the IKEA kitchen and toyroom sofa was less harrowing shall we say. But you know that already!).

As most of you know I am a fitness fanatic..for many reasons. And the only thing worse than a tired Mum is a tired fitness fanatic Mum who can’t do her workout because she has a fairly serious foot injury – Hubster will verify. This tired Mum tore her Plantar Fascia about 20 months ago and then went on to do untold damage to the bone in her heel as a result. Months of boot wearing and no or very restricted workouts bring me to where I am today.

I do feel the severity of my injury resulted from me doing too much too soon after having a baby for MY BODY but it was exacerbated by weaknesses in my muscles & joints. Post baby everything is compromised and even a year later if these are not picked up you can start to do damage.

leanmeanmomma pilates

Hmmmmmm hair today is called “Wind swept & Interesting”.

Weak glutes can cause foot injury, a weak back can cause hamstring injury…. I could go on. I have spent the past 12 months strengthening and stretching different part of my body in the gym to help put me back together but this kind of work IS SO BORING! It’s no wonder that people are not compliant!


leanmeanmomma elite pilates

And Strrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeettttttcccccccchhhhhhhh!

I would get the dreads about doing 30 toe curls & calf stretches were snooze-fest extraordinaire. And the Elite Pilates came into my life! With classes in Douglas, The Kingsley and Kinsale and online booking it really is easy.

I had never taken a reformer board class before and was skeptical about any form of exercise that didn’t make my heart rate go through the roof or leave me dripping in sweat. C’mon I’m a Mum and I don’t have time for lying about staring at the ceiling, chanting HHHHHmmmmmm whiles curling my big toe up and down.

leanmeanmomma elite pilates

So let me burst that myth first off. There is really no lying about, definetely no chanting and bit toe shares the work loads with your whole body from your abdomen down.

I’m still a beginner but here is what I think so far…… 4 weeks in. Whilst anyone can do reformer board pilates – you are just working with your own body – it really does push you to your own muscles limits.

leanmeanmomma elite pilates

The first thing I really noticed was that after the 1st session my legs felt great! It was as if I had been to the physio’ and had them worked on but had also done a strengthening session at the same time. It was then I realised just how much tension there was in my legs and no wonder I was having a hard time with my foot rehab.

I now look forward to doing more session as 4 weeks in my legs feel looser than they have for years and I’ve even managed a 30 minute treadmill session without an ill effects on my foot. Imagine all the damage we do to ourselves in the gym – this stretching undoes it all whilst at the same time strengthen’s and balances your body.

Oh yea…and I touched the floor without bending my knees for the 1st time in my life last Tuesday morning. So take that late 30’s!!!

Your’s, totally going to try get her forehead to touch her knees next time,

Cli xx


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