Fore-warned is fore-armed: 5 truths about pregnancy

With my due date looming this may be my last pregnancy related post whilst I am actually pregnant myself!! Who knows though?!

Each pregnancy is different – not just from woman to woman but for each individual pregnancy for the same individual. So be prepared to be continually surprised if you are planning and hoping on being in the family way.

IMG_0504 (1)

Dishevelled to say the least! But there were new Superstars purchased – so I had to wedge them into shot!

There are, however, certain unspoken truths, that we women experience during pregnancy – here, my friends, are a few:

  • Pregnancy can be a hairy situation – Do not expect the same level of general ‘tidiness’ normally maintained below the bump. Nothing below my bump exists. If you can’t see it…….well then, quite frankly, my friend, it isn’t there. Bikini line, legs, toenails. It’s every woman (& man!!) for himself. But there’s not a HOPE I’d end up in labour in such an unseemly state. No oh ooooooh! Beautician booked for T minus 7.

  • Possessions become immaterial – Imagine your most prized, irreplaceable & loved possession. Now imagine dropping it in the middle of the busiest street in the town where you live, on the dot of 5pm when it is teeming with people. And you stop momentarily, look at it……consider…..and then decide bending down to pick it up is WAY too much work and you can live without it. Yes, welcome to Trimester 3.
  • You slow down – in every sense. Iron supplements – discuss. Too busy with the other kids to even afford yourself 5 minutes in the bathroom? Well don’t worry – you won’t feel the urge or need to after taking these beauties. I managed to avoid them this pregnancy – for the 1st time ever!!! I completely attribute that to my NutriBullet and all the spinach I was blasting!


This was 2am – 3rd born had a stomach virus, I had tear inducing heart burn & resorted to Peppa Pig in my bed…….just to stop the ROARING. And for the record – I have shorts on. The bump just kinda swallowed them!

  • You seem like you are never home. Its a good idea to ring ahead & let me know you are calling round. Not so I can tidy. Just in case I am sitting on the sofa. Getting out of a soft sofa for a heavily pregnant gal requires dedication, skill, agility & humongous amounts of will power. It is quite likely I will leave you on the doorstep should you not give me adequate warning to have my crane lined up and ready to hoist me up.
  • The little things become the big things. No, no, no not from an emotional or hormonal point of view! Coughing becomes a major life issue.  And if you need to sneeze. Game Over. Cross your legs, run for the toilet and always carry a spare pair! This one will run for months……..

But would we change it? Not for all the tea in China!


Yours, doing her pelvic floor exercises,

Cli xx


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