Garmin Cheer!

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, please put a Winning lotto ticket in Cliona’s…………Yes it is that time again (already??!!!) & we are all gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year! I am a self confessed shopaholic….so Christmas, for me, is quite literally the hunters equivalent of open season.

Who, in our household, is worse is a question of great debate….the kids with their endless changing of their minds with regards to what Santa will bring ….or me for winding them up sufficiently with my suggestions & stories. We literally cannot get through a single episode of Sheriff Callie without it being paused at least 5 times in order to summons me to the TV in order to look at yet another pink plastic Mattel creation leaping, barking or smiling up at me & plead longingly for it. And that’s just my husband!! Kidding……


Now come on….admit it….who feels like this every single day in late December? I certainly know the feeling. And what about it! Let’s not have all the preaching about diets suck the living joy out of everything. But (there is always a damn ‘But’!) there is a balance to be achieved too and in the long run you will just feel better (& less guilty) if you exercise your way through it……or at least resolve to do so in January.

Santa will look after the kids but what about those adults amongst us that have been super especially nice this year? What will be bestowed on us? Here is one suggestion. It is a little pricey but I think is an excellent Christmas choice – what better time to justify it?


And what better way to track it that with The Garmin Watch! It sounds terribly geeky, I know but I LOVE mine. I have the Forerunner 10 – the most basic GPS enabled model & for me it has more than enough functions. You can read more or buy it here.


I had wanted it for about a year before I bought it & aside from my beloved Nutribullet, it is my favourite gadget. It takes the planning out of running – and anything that frees up a bit of space in my mind is a good thing. Aside from telling the time (yes genius from a watch!) it records how far you run in miles or km & tells you how long it took you to do in total and for each of your miles. It also tells you calories burned and records your runs so you can store your mileage on your app or PC. The OCD in me just cries with happiness when I know exactly how far I’ve run…..once I stop only in full miles or half miles…eek…personal issue.


I confess to just being interested in how far I run on a day and if I jump in a road race it helps you pace each mile by telling you how long each one takes as you go. I have been know to start a 5 miler like a bat out of hell & finish same said race looking like a woman whose gone 10 rounds with Katie Taylor! The losing end of those 10 rounds!

I’m currently unable to run with a foot injury and have begun to go slightly insane. But maybe that’s just an excuse…….I’ve probably been that way for years!

I hope some of you feel inspired!



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