Getting Christmas Ready with Marks & Spencer

Who doesn’t love the festive season? Of course there is all the chaos and stress involved with getting organised for it but there also comes a chance to unwind a little, let you hair down, break the rules and just allow a little madness to become the norm.

As a child of the 80’s, I remember with fondness our annual drip to Dublin shopping come December. Alongside the customary trip to the cinema on O’Connell street, there was always the visit to Marks & Spencer to get kitted out for the silly season. I could literally tell you every single Christmas outfit I had growing up but none more vividly than the year I got a red knitted roll neck paired with a red tartan swing skirt and a red beret. I’d have not looked out of place dancing a reel in the highlands….of France. I’m still not sure if that outfit needed a string of onions or a haggis to look more quintisentially French or Scottish. But I LOVED it.

White boots (T02/2822) can be found here. 

Drop waist flowery dress (T42/9511) can be found here

Times may have changed since then. Rather than writing Santa letters I am now responsible for posting them but my love of a good Christmas outfit has not waned. It’s just now you want something that is comfy (yes maybe I am showing my age!!), stands up to chasing around after a gang of small versions of myself but still makes your feel special. Effortlessly cool – that’s the aspiration. I’ll settle for a more dishevelled version of it.

Black long sleeved top can be found here (T41/7326).

Leopard print slip dress with split can be found here. (T42/8150S)

I’ve started the cooking prep’ for Christmas week – mostly because it’s a great excuse to cook a pile of food that I try to resist during the year. Jamie Oliver’s sausage rolls are in the freezer, pickled chilli’s for the 26th are underway also. I’m attempting to cook a meal from the Middle East as it’s tradition in our house that we do another Christmas style dinner on Stephen’s day with my Aunts. It’s also Ollie’s birthday so Jamie’s Epic Ice-cream cake has been requested. It’s super easy and you can pre-prepare it so happy days!!

But let there be down time too. I intend of getting out for as many lunches with the family as possible. Any excuse to get dressed up really huh?

Yours, looking forward to mince pie or 2 this week,

Cli xx

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