Getting the Cold Shoulder – Spring 2016

Recently I was lucky enough to be included in the Evening Echo’s Wow magazine. It was a little feature on My Style.


So never one to turn down a challenge I replied that I would be delighted to participate and send on the questions. And somewhere amidst all the excitement I went into a BLIND PANIC.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE style, fashion, shopping, critiquing others, stalking Instagram pages wondering where she got that top and filling up my internet shopping bag on a friday night with stuff I know I’ll never buy……all the usual stuff that we are hard-wired to do as women, but I am NO EXPERT whatsoever.

One of the questions asked what key pieces I would be buying this Spring/Summer Season. I’m more of a ‘see whats in the shops and go with it’ kinda gal……rather than the girl who reads Vogue and knows months and months ahead of the rest of the pack what key pieces she needs to drag her wardrobe into the next season. I wish I was that girl.

But I’m just not.

For this cause I took to the aul’ reliable World Wide Web and frantically googled what we have to look forward to and of those, what I would deem acceptable in my (fairly causal rather than glamorous) wardrobe. I’m the girl in the converse, boyfriend jeans & leather biker jacket drinking coffee from a takeaway cup. I can live with that though.

So I settled on off-the-shoulder tops and fringing as a fairly safe bet.

IMG_3025 IMG_3029 (2)

Yes, that is rain you see splashing against me in the top picture……..hubster was THRILLED to be taking these pics. Loves it really.

This “cold shoulder” (there you go – you learn something new everyday) top is the latest addition to my wardrobe. I got it in Whitefawn Boutique and I love it’s Boho inspired look & feel. It is perfect for layering up with a little camisole underneath (have a look at the girls on their instagram page here to see how they styled it) or wearing simply with jeans as I did.

Whitefawn Boutique is the cutest shop located in Clonakilty, West Cork – well worth a visit if you are down that way but if not you can now shop online at They deliver super fast and right to your door. It could not be easier and hence why there is an increasing amount of their stock finding its way to my house!!

I can’t wait until the summer to team it with some ripped jean shorts and my favourite Birkenstock Arizona’s. This is definitely a top I can dress up or dress down and that I love. Life is too short to be keeping things for “good”‘ eh?


Favourite jeans in the world – also from Maje and a free seasons old. Another sale purchase.

I got my fringed bag in Maje in the sale. Being tall made me feel like I could run the risk of looking like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street if I went fringe crazy. (Yes showing my age here……). Sometimes a nod to a trend does the job just as well!


See what I did here? Casual leaning against the wall flamingo style…….to hide my astronaut-style boot. Getting the hang of this alright #NotReally

Yours, slouching in her pjs as I type,

Cli xx




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