Getting the sweat on!

Time is always a problem. And so is the lure of my sofa….television…iPad…..pile of washing (this one tends to be easier to ignore funnily enough). It’s so easy to find a reason not to go the gym.

But the best advice I was ever given was this


It came courtesy of Jenny on The Ray Darcy show in Today FM – incidentally my go to every morning!

So what do I do when I have no time? Well there are many options from working out at home during nap time or when the smallies are tucked up in bed or alternatively I go for a short run or maybe do 30 minutes in the gym. Some days you simply need to get out to clear your head and also to keep on track – it’s easy to give up when you get out of the habit!

Below is my favourite quick workout from Pinterest that I do at home in front of the TV and all you need is a carpet/towel or a yoga mat! I got mine in TK Maxx……. the mat not the carpet!! I repeat this 3 times to make it worthwhile.


Now obviously when you work out at home you have the added advantage of being able to put on your mankiest, least flattering gym gear (and believe me I have LOTS of that stuff). But if you venture out into the big bad world it’s nice to have some bright, motivational gear – that doesn’t cost the earth!!

Here are some pieces I recently bought in H&M and some more that I have my eye on. All at great prices! H&M gear has become a fast favourite of mine!


Now that Penney’s (Primark) are doing gym gear my life is complete. I like to upsize when getting gear there as some of it shrinks a little… comfort is key! Below are some of my favourite Penney’s best! All bought in the last 2 weeks. 




So no excuses needed now. Get out there and look good doing it!

Cli xx






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