Going from A to B with Kiddy UK car seat

Show me a parent who hasn’t almost ripped their hair out over what cars seat to purchase for their precious cargo and I’ll show you a liar! There is so much to consider and so many options out there that it almost would make your brain fry. From the type of car you drive, to the age of your children and how man of them you have, back facing, forward facing, side impact, isofix, can’t fit 3 across the back, pass me the gin please.

You would imagine by child number 4 I would have it sorted. But I don’t. The seats just keep on coming (as did the children) and it is like an endless game of chess trying to fit them all in. Last month I found myself considering what to purchase for my 3rd born as he approached the 18kg mark (we had a trip to the public health nurse …… this resulted in a flurry of child safety updates in our house……4th born was stripped of his bottle drinking rights at bedtime post tooth brushing too – he now hates us.)

3rd born was really was at that in between stage where I didn’t want him in a full booster but he was uncomfortable and bordering on too heavy to use his isofix 5 point harness seat safely. It was then that Kiddy UK offered me one of their seats in return for a review. Which solved more than one problem for me so I happily accepted.

I chose the Guardianfix 3 for a few reasons. This seat is an updated version of a previous model which builds on its safety record. It can be used from 9 months so it allows me flexability with regards to who sits in it (3 year old 3rd born or 20 month old 4th born). Plus any school buddies that need lifts to and from gymnastics and the like can also sit in it as an iso-fix booster. I HATE moving car seats in and out of my car – this gives me options.

Additional functions such as a deeper reclined position is also a big plus in my books. A little piece of me withers every time I see one of the whippersnappers panned out on a booster with their bodies slouched forward or to the side like a little sleeping rag doll. This seat allows more leeway and scope for reclining than my other boosters. This is good – very good. 

I was skeptical when I saw another school mum using this seat last September as it has what they call and “impact shield system” – this is a tray-like structure that sits on their laps to secure them into the seat with the belt over it. You use this from when the child is old enough to sit on this sit (straight from their baby car seat). Had I been using this seat from the 1 year mark I think we would have fared well. However 20 month old 4th born was having none of it. However I could see that he was very snug and felt very secure in it. But it felt strange to him so that was that.

3rd born fared much better and on the 2nd trip out he was happy to use it. However we were really at the tail end of it’s life span for us size wise. His legs were a little large and at 17.8kg’s we decided the seat in the regular booster mode was best. Had we had this seat when both of them were younger we would have had more use from it. For the short space of time that we did use the impact shield system it gave me huge peace of mind and bridged that gap between too big for 5 point harness from a comfort point of view and not heavy enough for a booster. When he was 16kg to 17.5kg bascially.

I absolutely love this seat as a booster. It feels very secure and comfortable. The eye level positioners for the head rest are really handy for when different ages pop into it. The head rest is really neat and supportive as are the side impact supports. I also love the seat has special isofix connectors that allow it to move slightly to the right or left when it is isofixed in – thereby allowing me to buckle the belt much more easily. It’s the small things!!! This feature also, most importantly, in the event of a side impact, will enable the seat to slide sideways and protectively push your child inwards away from the impact zone.

In summary I would recommend the Kiddy Uk Guardianfix 3 to my friends. With the disclaimer that they really need to have it from when bub’s will get the most use from and is coming from their baby seat. I do love that it does offer me flexability with regards to who sits in it. It’s strongest feature for my family, was the seat in booster mode. So much so that I’m considering buying the Cruiserfix 3 for our other car myself – this is their booster only version of the Guardianfix 3. I’ll need it in time anyway for when 4th born needs a booster so I may as well purchase now. Now that I have seen what it offers I cannot go back my other options.

Your’s, still spending money on baby equipment,

Cli xx


You can see a full video on how the seat works here – in case I have confused you all!!




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