The Great Wall of The Back Room with

Let’s set the scene:

1st born’s 1st year on Earth:

“Oh would you look!! She’s smiling….quick get the camera ….quick…snap, snap, snap, snap….Oh maybe it wasn’t a smile but I got it!! *hangs immediately printed photos of windy baby on wall.

“Right we’re off to my mother’s for dinner…’s her first visit there……make sure you have the camera” *everyone enjoys cold roast beef dinner after epic “1st visit to every room in the house” photo shoot. Grandad needs extra wine.

“Oh wowser, aren’t you such a clever baby….quick throw me my phone until I get this…….by Jove she has it..the spoon is in her hand…, click, click” *rushes to pharmacy to print photo’s after cleaning pureéd apple from screen.

And so it continues. Slowly over the course of the 1st 12 months of her presence in our home her little face is littered all over all walls, capturing all those special milestones along the way. 

4th born’s 1st year on Earth:

“Did  you take any photo’s at his christening? I know my Dad had some on his phone…..think he sent them to me but I never did anything with them” *cue 1st phase in forgotten child’s life long persecution complex.

“Ohhhhh he’s walking there about 3 weeks…..I suppose I should really get a shot of it” *cue frantic search for phone & then realisation that the memory is full and you can’t take the shot anyway.

Any stranger walking into the house at this point would easy be able to identify your 1st and 2nd born should he want to rob them. 3rd born may be mildly problematic with regards identification and 4th born would surely be deemed a cousin or passerby who popped in to socialise.

Does any of this sound familiar or is it just us? I refuse to believe I am alone in this form of neglect. Nor am I alone with my good intentions and ideas. My road to hell will be a fun one!

Last week was a week of doing though and in 2 days from start to finish I achieved what I had not managed in almost 4 years since moving house. Thanks to  I am the proud owner of a stunning photo wall on my small living area wall. Those special memories encapsulated for all to see in all their glory. 

With 2 day delivery, I did not have enough time to lose motivation over the whole process. Using the app could not have been easier. I especially liked that I could leave it and pick up where I left off hours later – the selection process can be a difficult one when you have a gazillion photo’s stored on your phone for printing. I like solutions. This is one. Gone are my days que-ing up in the pharmacy and mindlessly double and treble jabbing the screen in order to get the end of the ordering process. 

This I can do from home with, minimum effort. The quality of the prints was excellent in my opinion and I will certainly be using again.

Your’s, still admiring her handy work,

Cli xx


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