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Hands up who has been on a girls holiday. I hear they are a little crazy. There’s nothing like a holiday to make me hot foot it to the gym.

I’ve never been on a girls trip abroad before so now the time has come. 10 school friends and I are heading to Marbella for a long weekend next week. I have the fear and the most amount of excitement ever!! It’s going to be great…….dinner, cocktails, dancing, sun-loungers, sand between our toes and lie in’s. I’ll bring you with me on my Instagram and Snapchat (Leanmeanmomma) if you fancy it. Sound like heaven?

To me it does anyway.

Given that you could put me in a room with nothing on the walls or floors & I would happily stare into space for 3 days, at this stage. Throw in a fly crawling up the wall for good measure and my head might just about explode with stimulation.

My needs are little. Kids do that to you.

There is nothing like stripping off into a bikini to motivate you into hauling your ass to the gym though. We’re not a competitive bunch in that respect but still……….. you want to feel good for yourself!

Leanmeanmomma do it for yourself

For most of us that part of the year is over for now. But it is still important to keep up the good work you started a few months back. After all it is not just about buns of steel (ahem……buns? Fairy cakes, queen cakes, lemon buns, chocolate buns all present but …..nope…no steel ones here) but rather about how it makes you feel and function.

leanmeanmomma gym bag otterbox

So here are my 5 top tips to staying in “Holiday Shape” even after the motivation of an actually holiday is a distant memory.

  • Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – Preparation is key. Whether you are talking about your workout or your eating regime. We all have a lazy sod inside us that can so easily persuade us that if something is difficult it’s a sign that we shouldn’t bother with it. Prep your gym bag the night before, plan your dinner for when you get home, chop veg, pack some healthy snacks for after the gym into your car. Basically control what you can in order to make life as easy as possible.

leanmeanmomma gym bag

Gym bag essentials for me – I do not leave home without my phone for tunes, headphones & gloves! My phone survives gym carnage as it is stylishly protected in it’s OtterBox Symmetry Series Cover. You can see them here

  • Set a Goal. It can be couch to 5Km or fitting into that LBD come Christmas season – it doesn’t matter. Write it up on your calendar in black & white for you to see. Set some milestones along the way too. For example, running and extra 10% distance every week until you reach your goal. And reward yourself too – whether it is a new piece of gym gear or those few slices of dark chocolate with you cuppa’ that night.
  • Schedule a day/time to workout. Have a routine – schedule some time into your week for your gym visits/runs/bike session…whatever it is that gets you out there. We all know have kids just MURDERS spontaneity So if its not scheduled in, well then chances are that something else will come up – like a new series of The Great British Bake Off (#obsessed). As a Mum I always find it easier not to come home until the session is done if I am out working, if that is possible – rather than calling to collect my gear and getting stuck in the gluepot that is daily life with kids. Ideally we’d get it done 1st thing in the morning….but that is a luxury reserved for those with older kids who are self sufficient for the most part I fear.

leanmeanmomma gym legging

The mother in me is screaming “Get your trainers off the bed woman!!!”

  • Have a back up plan. Invest in a gym mat and 2 5kg free weights. So if things do go belly up you have the resources to do a mini workout at home. Crunches, lunges, squats, bicep curls, shoulder press. Go on Pinterest or Youtube for Inspo’. Even better have a gym instructor write up an emergency home workout just for you. Something is better than nothing – in every sense – from a fitness point of view but also from a keeping on track view point.

leanmeanmomma home workout

Despite the fact that I look like I am about to pass out with boredom, I’m not…..this is my concentration face. Needs work, I get that!!

  • Get some Killa’ tunes. Spend a little time making playlists and vary the length of them for your workouts. When I was running a lot I had different playlists for 5km, 5 miles, 10km & I named them according – Run Bitch Run, Faster Bitch Faster and (personal favourite) Dig Bitch Dig. The rebel in me was satisfied with this churlish game.

Leanmeanmomma gymbag lululemon

Pre or post Holiday it can be done! And now for much more difficult decisions…..what to pack into my case for a childfree 3 days in Marbs.

Serious decisions to be made here, folks.

Your’s, looking at a mountain of clothes but still deciding she has NOTHING TO WEAR,

Cli xx

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  1. Gillian
    September 9, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    I LOVE your black workout pants in the last picture… Where can I get a pair. P.s ditto on the mountain of cloths and nothing to wear situation – great blog as always :-).

    • October 25, 2016 / 8:12 pm

      Hi Gillian – sorry I don’t know how I missed this!!!! They are from Lululemon and I LIVE in them. x

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