How to be classy & fabulous at the gym…..ok so, Coco Chanel, comfy in my gym gear will do

Having kids changes your perspective on many things. It’s about the journey, as they say, rather than the destination (thank you Oprah for that and also thank you parents for the thousands you spent on my 3rd level education so I could afford myself some time to watch daytime TV and pick up these golden nuggets that I carry with me).

On my journey so far I have learned an insurmountable amount about life, in general. Whilst everything surprises me, at the same time nothing does anymore.

But one of my most surprising discoveries to date was that of a little bear. Much loved for generations and now much-loved by me too. For his humour, love of honey (ditto) & most especially his wisdom.

We can all learn a lot from Pooh Bear. If I was to have a wall of quotes at home I can guarantee that very many of his would feature!

Whilst reading through one of his adventure to my offspring last night I stumbled across the following quote:


Simple & true. We can diet, refine, restrict all we like but there is nothing that will substitute  for how we feel after exercise. It’s about more than the tubby though…….. but I thought it a funny, gentle reminder that we are all human and a workout isn’t going to hurt anyone – in fact it will do the opposite and any aesthetic improvements are just a welcome side effect.

And we can all come up with a gazillion reasons not to work out – and  being pregnant should not be one of them. However pregnant women do have more obstacles to over come and one of them is what to wear!!!

I am actually going to get thrown out of my gym someday for lurking in these cubicles taking selfies!!!


And I for one have ZERO interest in spending lots of money on gym gear that will only be worn for a few months. So here is what I wear and what I have seen this week that I would wear, without breaking the bank!



I like baggy stuff anyway so I’ll wear this top (above) again after. The shorts are regular size but sometimes I size up. I find shorts easier than leggings when pregnant – especially towards the end.





All of these I would wear all of the above again after – even if they are a size too big – it doesn’t matter with baggy stuff. What’s most important when picking gear is making sure that its really long – as the bump pushes everything way up. Afterwards its nice to have something lose!



These are all inexpensive and where would be without Penneys!!!????

I also made one other fantastic discovery this week. I’ve lost so much hair post bubs before that I am really doing my best to keep what I have in good condition.


These bobbles that I picked up in Kopper Hair Salon are amazing! Everything slides off my hair as it is so straight so as a result I literally KNOT bobbles onto my hair. These “Trendie Bobble” packs actually stay put and don’t rip my hair to shreds when I pull them out.

My biggest problem now is stopping 1st & 2nd born wearing them as bracelets!!!

If anyone has any gym wear tips or tricks for me please do share!!!

Yours, off to wash yesterday’s clothes for tomorrow,

Cli xx



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