If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better

 Thank you Anna Wintour for such words of wisdom – a stealth of knowledge & unattainable glamour. For years I DESPISED spending money on anything but going out clothes. Obviously over the last decade my life and my style has changed immeasurably and now I realise that it is actually better value for me to buy stuff I actually get to wear frequently, rather than admire just hanging in  my wardrobe like pieces of art (albeit bargain basement art if this was the case!). Going to the gym qualifies as a night out now….. and if you make the cinema….. well move over Mick Jagger I’ll show you rock’n’roll.


I spent my twenties uninhibited, frolicking in skinny low-rise jeans that at time looked painted on. However certain major unforeseen adaptations had to be made on arrival in 1st born and thus the introduction to the mid & high-rise into my wardrobe. There are only so many times you need to be told what colour knickers you are wearing with the ‘oh so familiar’ Penney’s tag sticking out, whilst crawling in all fours at the wheels of the buggy, when frantically digging out spare nappies, wipes, soothers, blankies, house keys…..you get my drift, right?!

There was a time where if you looked up builders crack (excuse the crass term!) in the dictionary & you would find my lower back/upper posterior. Ain’t’ no amount of squats goin’ a make that look good!

This doesn’t mean that I have thrown in the towel just yet – far from it but I have, bit by bit ,decided to embrace the changes motherhood (and age!) has thrust upon my lifestyle & stop fighting the inevitable. A running injury on my foot has only compounded this and so bring on the flat shoe!IMG_1885.JPG

(Wellies now qualify as acceptable shopping wear in my world!)

I spent a lot of time in heels in my former life. We had good times, bad times, happy time & sad times however the time has now come to save them for those rare & precious nights out.

Here are some flats that I have seen this week and love. I bought the River Island pair & LOVE them.


I REALLY want some new trainers also but cannot decide – but there are my favourites – some more affordable than others! 



 For now the only footwear that I am hotly anticipating is the arrival of my new orthotics! I’m not sure how I’ll fit them in my Christmas party heels………



(Shoes – Zara, Scarf – Zara, Jeans – Maje, Jacket – Zara, Jumper – Reiss)

Happy shopping,

Cli xx

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