It’s all change with Nimue Skincare!

I thought we had been broken into in the middle of the night about 2 weeks ago. Why? Because when I got up to go to the bathroom I saw an ageing stranger staring at me from over the sink and momentarily freaked out and start dialling 999. And then I focus a little more and realise this stranger is me. The inside me just hasn’t been matching the outside me for the last 6 months!

I could try blame 4th born….let’s face it, lack of sleep is huge. Lack of sleep and diet are probably the biggest determinants in how we look. Sleep is food for your skin – quite literally. But there is not much I can control in this department currently….apart form going to bed as early as possible. My diet is fairly good ….. during the week it’s excellent but at the weekend I definitely eat way too much sugar. But then again…..who doesn’t?


When I got an invite to attend a Nimue Skincare event in The Brush & Spoon Cafe in Kilworth 2 weeks ago I jumped at the chance. I knew little about Nimue skin care but I did know that The Brush & Spoon Cafe is really good so that alone was enough to entice me out on a school night! And it was worth it!! From a culinary and a beauty point of view. The food and coffee is fantastic!! I’ve put lots of photos of it on my instagram here.

Niamh Sweeny, the Irish Nimue Educator and Jean-Marié Stander, the Nimue Ambassador gave us all we needed to know to begin our Nimue skin care journey and they made the evening hugely enjoyable.

I have to confess that I am REALLY terrible at looking after my skin. Basically I’m lazy & inconsistent. Something has to give, right? And my face really is showing all the signs of it so I was open to a massive overhaul and change. I needed a kick-start – especially coming into the summer.


Nimue products utilise the latest in skin care technology delivering superior quality active ingredients to provide a choice of highly personalised facial treatments to enhance and heal all skin classifications. The treatment formulations contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients, cutting edge anti-oxidants, and other powerful ingredients where they are needed most below the skin surface to actively improve skin health and appearance.

You can’t buy these products online or in-store – they are salon only and you can see where they are available to you locally here.

The range I got was for Environmentally Damaged skin – which following years of Life-guarding on beach patrols in Ireland and the US was an excellent choice!


And so I have stared my 4 week trail of the Nimue skin care range. And so here we have the dreaded no make up, no filters, no nothing but what God gave me BEFORE shots – for context!!



I never said it was gonna’ be pretty here!! Yes that is a grimace!

1 week in and so far so good. I love that when I wash my face with the Nimue my face doesn’t feel tight after. My face ALWAYS feels at least 2 sizes too small after a scrub so this was a very pleasant surprise.

My initial thoughts are this: The face wash isn’t harsh or drying,  the conditioning spray (which in my head I view as a toner) is pleasant. The moisturisers aren’t greasy & leave my skin nicely moisturised. And the 3-times weekly face mask leaves my skin instantly bright following use. I can’t draw any conclusions one week in but I will track my progress on here for you. However I am excited about the products and like what I see so far.


DSC02460I’m such a beginner really……. If only I had moved my thumb slightly I’d have gotten the full name in my shot!! You’d not see the professionals make that mistake!!!!

Yours, looking for the pause button for my skin,

Cli xx


  1. Niamh
    April 13, 2016 / 8:49 pm

    Have found myself face to face with that ghastly intruder just lately and it has completely freaked me out. Really interested to see how you get on with these products

  2. April 20, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    I don’t use as much products on my skin as I should… I feel so jealous of women who have some much options!

    Oliver •

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