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Those Roman’s had the right idea.

“mens sana in corpore sano” a sound mind in a sound body

So did Pheidippides, who ran the 1st ever marathon. Maybe he was spreading news of his country’s victory over the Persian’s or maybe, just maybe his kids were wrecking his head and he took to the roads. Both perfectly feasible excuses in my mind.

I’m not suggesting that I have a sound mind – this is the girl that carried a buggy with a sleeping child in it upstairs once, in order to get her as close to the cot as possible and transfer her in without waking her…..(it didn’t work needless to say) –  but I’m a work in progress. And that is what matters here.

Anyone who follows me know that I’m an avid fan of working out. I always was sporty (that lanky girl in school who hadn’t couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance – “don’t call us” kinda thing) and so took to the hockey pitch instead.

My love for sport developed into a need and a want also. Whereas once I may have grumbled and complained about a 5 mile run I had to do in the evening, now, post kiddo’s I quite literally relish the opportunity for me time. Head-space and time to get the machine going again. Let’s show the world what it can still do eh? And solve all those little and large dilemmas in my head as I go.

Being put through my paces with a one on one TRX Class. OBSESSED!

For the past 5 years I’ve been making my escape to The Club and The Maryborough Hotel several days a week. It is, quite literally, my home from home. It’s also an easy one for me to endorse here on my little corner of the internet, simply because it has been part of my weekly routine and my life for so long now.I’m time-poor. I’m tired. I’m deprived of adult conversation. I don’t like to think too much when I don’t have to. I need guidance and free-reign all at the same time. Oh and I hate to que for machines.

And this is why I love The Club at The Maryborough. It’s a gym for everyone. It’s a chat in the changing room en-route to a spinning classes upstairs in the studio or a free weights session in the gym. It’s seeing familiar faces at the wellness talks and social events they organise, off the cross trainer and the squat machine. It’s running on the treadmill and then upstairs to the bar after for a quick coffee after. It’s discounts on food and drink as a member (and in the spa!!). It’s just generally a great step up in helping you feel well!

The Club offers World re-knowned TechnoGym technology in the 35 station gym with its evolutionary Key System which stores individual programmes and workout history on a personal Techno gym Key. The only gym in Cork to offer this same technology utilised by Chelsea FC & Ferrari. With personalised programmes, there is nothing to fear!

This little key takes the thinking out of things – simply plug it into the treadmill and it off you go – inclines, speed, distance all pre-set so you literally just have to get through it…..and it knows!!! It’ll hold you accountable at the end of your session…….so no cheating here folks. This is how you get results!

Come follow me for the next few months to see just how easy it can be! You can follow me on snapchat on Leanmeanmomma or instagram here.

Your’s, with slightly sore legs from yesterdays weight lifting extravaganza,

Cli xx




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