Keeping on top of Life Away with Otterbox

“What do you mean I can’t carry a 20kg dumb-bell on board?”

“You can’t take that off me….That’s my fold up weights bench!”

“Yes, yes I know the ticket says 6 people but I really wanted to carry my childminder with me in my hand-luggage – she’ll surely fit in the overhead bin?????”

leanmeanmomma otterbox

Obligatory bag of snacks packed and of course the Limitied Edition animal print Otterbox cover complete with it’s Alpha Glass cover. 

This may not be strictly what happened on check in for our holiday to Lanzarote last week – but the thoughts did cross my mind. Such was our desire for a slice of headspace every so often. But there are easier (less dangerous and less illegal ways, my friends) and Otterbox was on hand to help.

Armed with a battalion of devices, all stylishly wrapped in their covers, I felt that this at least was one less thing to worry about breaking. 2nd born even commented completely unprompted, mid-air that she LOVED her new little Otterbox case as it stood up itself on the plane. High praise indeed.

leanmeanmomma run with buggy

leanmeanmomma with buggy otterbox

Running accessories included devices and real life baby.

Going on holidays is amazing!! Family time!! Can’t beat it. The one thing I knew was this. I was going to need some headspace. Of course the food plan would go totally out the window – as would the “no alcohol mid-week” rule I tend to live by. But they were just part of the reason I needed to workout. It was mostly about clearing my head & enjoying the downtime. It’s ALWAYS worth the effort!!!!

animal print otterbox

So here are my Five Top Travel App’s for general wellness when away! Both physical and mental.

  • SpotifyFREE or PREMIUM paid
    • Yes fairly obvious you may think…..but I am a fairly recent Spotify convert and fell so in love with the convenience of it that I signed us up to the family membership. If I’m not keeping the kids alive, I’m to be found building playlists…..for all!! Roald Dahl and his Dirty Beasts are a personal favourite of 3rd born. And an early morning run/stroll with a insomniac 1 year old was much more pleasant with a few choon’s of choice. I love this as you can use if off-line once you have downloaded your library. Great for travelling.
  • Freeletics BodyWeightFREE with ad on’s.
    • 10-30 minute workouts based on bodyweight only.
      – No equipment. Your body is your only tool. Train anywhere, anytime.
      – More than 900 workout variations, covering all your muscle groups
      – Adapted to all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.
      – Tutorial videos for perfect execution.


  • FitocracyFREE 
    • Fitocracy motivates you and helps you succeed at fitness. Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Fitocracy is an online game and social network that aims to use gamification to help users improve their fitness. You can upgrade to Fitocracy hero which is a paid option in time if you wish but they free app is a great starting spot.
  • Nike Training ClubFREE
    • Designed specifically for women, basically it’s an audio-only exercise video you can play from your phone. It tracks your progress and rewards efforts with custom workouts created by Nike’s professionals, pro athletes and celebrities. The best part? There are now more than 100 exclusive workouts that you can stream, ranging from low-impact, no-equipment required routines you can master at home to strength training moves that you can easily follow along with at your gym.
  • Around Me – FREE with in-app purchases
    • So this one is slightly different to the previous ones – but for Sanity reasons it deserves a mention!!! AroundMe quickly identifies your position wherever that is (and we mostly didn’t know!!) and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Petrol Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi. How many times have we been out with screaming kids… particular occasion comes to mind where we were looking for a Dodi (yes we ARE THAT FAMILY that brought a grand total of ONE DODI’s on holliers last week….which was promptly lost). I would have paid in blood to find a supermarket at that moment in time. We live in hope that someday we will need the location of nearest Bar service it offers too.


There is also the old fashioned way of doing things – it doesn’t have to be all rushing and sweating. Just get out and move – you won’t regret it.



Fast forward 7 days and it’s full speed ahead to Christmas. It was all thermal vests and wooly tights heading off to school this morning. Vitamin D… was fun while it lasted.

Your’s, smothered in washing,

Cli xx


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