Lazy Days at The Beautiful Brehon

I’m partial to a massage if truth be told. However lately (by lately I am referring to the past ten years of my life) I have made do with a back rub now & then from varying sets of sticky hands that love to play beauty shop. It is admittedly a far cry from the luxury I experienced when I lived in Bangkok. Jam stained hands & zero notion regarding personal space don’t have quite the same effect as relaxing in an outdoor Thai spa. The warm breeze and sound of the ocean only briefly interupted by the gentle sound of traditional music floating through the air.

I feared, if I am to be honest, that no massage would every reach my expectations again following my stint in Asia. It’s rather like coming home from your honeymoon. It doesn’t really matter what anyone says to cheer you up – you know that it’s game over. No holiday will ever be quite so luxurious, will it? It’s downhill from her on in girl!

When The Brehon in Killarney invited me down to stay and experience their spa I didn’t initially think past the possibility of a great nights sleep. Some relaxation time before the madness of the summer really sets in. My friend Grace and I set off across the county bounds with glee. A Cork and a Kilkenny woman in the Kingdom. They told us to check our change coming out the shops whilst there – for fear you’d find an All Ireland medal in it such the vast amount of them that have made Kerry home.

We spent 2 nights in a state of compete relaxation and switch off mode. The suite we stayed in, over looking the mountains, was plush and spacious. To the point where we didn’t actually want to leave it. But we ploughed on and enjoyed a really tasty vegan burger in the bar for dinner on arrival.

Life is sitting in your furry bath robe watching Love Island with a glass of wine whilst reading the spa menu for the following morning. Opinions are split on Love Island & why you’d invest time in watching it. However we wanted mindless, non taxing viewing whilst we chatted into the night about everything that had gone on in our lives since last Christmas. The perfect way to catch up.

After a quick workout in the hotel gym and a tasty buffet breakfast (I had a fruit-bowl followed by salmon and poached eggs with hummus – DELICIOUS! The hummus is super tasty. I highly recommend it!) and we were all set for the Angsana spa.

I did have high hopes I must admit. I had heard on the grapevine that the spa at The Brehon was extra special & that a lot of their therapists are from Thailand. On arrival I met Bell from The Banyan Tree in Phuket. I am familiar with The Banyan Tree in Bangkok as I lived 5 minutes from there -so I knew I was in good hands. I chose the Javanese , which is a deep tissue massage adapted from traditional Balinese techniques.

I can honestly say it was one of the best massages I have had since leaving Thailand in 2006. I didn’t want to leave – why would I?

We followed our massage with Afternoon Tea & a 5 minute stroll into Killarney to soak up the atmosphere. We opted for a little retail therapy – I mean what better place to buy a print of a cow? So I did.

The Brehon was the perfect break. Its rare (ok never…let’s face it) that we can find time to go somewhere and just simply relax. It’s good for the soul. Hotel time for me is normally for a wedding or an event. This was the perfect little getaway for a slow down & a catch up.

I’ll be back. I can feel the tension in my shoulders already. Nothing a great massage won’t solve.

Yours, dreaming of the Kingdom,

Cli xx

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