A little Crafty Paint Free Goings On…. Ghosts in the forest!

The bank holiday blues have surely set in by now? Long weekends do that to you. A double-edged sword if truth be told. You spend 6 weeks from the end of summer looking forward to it and by the end of day 2 the kids are BEGGING you to spend their college fund on trips to the local play-zone and other rainy day activities. You know your local bank manager won’t step up & fund such frivolities but you still would rather sink hot needles into your eyeballs than consider the other option.

Halloween spooky forest Le 

Other option? What is this other option of which you speak, I can hear you think?

Paint. That’s what. Oh  and you thought Halloween wasn’t scary enough already!! Paint…..aka every Mum’s worst nightmare.

A little piece of me dies every time that the P word is mentioned in our house. Give me other horrors (such as baking with children) anytime. The last time we painted (last week – unavoidable – thank you Ophelia) my downstairs bathroom was left resembling a crime scene similar to that found in Cabot Cove for many’s a year. Jessica Fletcher would have wasted no time in whittling down the local population in my community & identifying the culprit. 

Halloween spooky forest Le

The miniature blood-red handprints on the doors, walls and sink of my bathroom being a dead giveaway!! Oh yes sorry…….had to do that…Dad joke in a Momma world. Forgive me for indulging myself on a bank Holiday weekend!!

Halloween spooky forest Le

Stepping away from my normal run of things on this spooky spooky eve I wanted to share the EASIEST lil’ bit of art and crafts that is PAINT FREE and (despite this) so much fun for the kiddos. And following a mad Pinterest flurry I found that I already had everything. The only dash I had to do was to my garden to gather the twigs. Which I dried out in my oven for 15 minutes on a low heat …..but overnight in my hot press would have been equally effective!!

Halloween spooky forest Le

All’s that is needed really is come glue, a few twigs from the garden, black paper and eyeballs from the local craft shop. Mine gang got a good hour out of this and the clean up…well what clean up???

So to all you looking for a bit of spooky inspo’ for fun have a go!!

Your’s totally saying BOO!! Oh and planning a massive raid on the trick or treat goodies,

Cli xx


Photo’s by Brid O’Donovan

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