Lunchbox Series 1

Someday I am going to go into my kids bedroom to get them up for school. I say someday as it’s always a pre-dawn start here! But should this occasion arise I fully expect to see 1st born has morphed into a pig  overnight. The child eats ham in EVERYTHING. Ham sarnies, ham wraps, ham pittas….you name it. She is at this stage half child & half pig – she must be – you are what you eat after all.

I do my best to mix things up a little, giving her half  ham & half chicken or beef. But some days my experiments are returned barely touched. I can’t bear the thought of her being hungry in school so my resilience fails me about 2 days later & back we go again into the same aul’ routine.

Lunch boxes KILL ME. Welcome to groundhog day folks.

leanmeanmomma dunnes lunchbox

Another rule in our house, is the “no sandwich” rule. Once a week we pack a school lunch that does not comprise of a sandwich, wrap, pitta bread or roll. Simple. And it’s fun. So what do we pack?

leanmeanmomma dunnes lunchbox

Breakfast for Tea is infamous in our house (aka Mum is too tired to cook so here’s a bowl of porridge). An occurrence always met with cheers. This led me to ‘Breakfast for Lunch’ Boxes. Think Hardboiled Egg, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Yoghurt, Diced fruit & mini pancakes. Even a little pot of dry Cheerio’s. The thrill of naming it makes it special. You wouldn’t give them this everyday but hey, everything in moderation! And if you get the kids involved in making their food – then they have pride in eating it too.

dunnes lunchbox leanmeanmomma

Other hits include the ‘Inside out Roll ups’ pictured above. Using your meat as a wrap, spread it with cream cheese, sneak in some leaves of choice & wrap it around some celery, carrot stick or in our case a bread stick.

Of course these wraps make a great after-school snack. Family life is the busy life.

Yours, welcoming ANY inspo’ on this topic,

Cli x



  1. Heather Kennedy
    April 8, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    Love your posts! I personally now try not to give kids anything too much ham/bacon/sausage related… it’s hard as they love it but have been hearing too much lately about them potentially being related to particular cancers in later life and would have seen this in one area of my family, it was just the way of life for them. One never knows you can only do the best you can, but I’d be inclined to limit it definitely and switch up lunches for kids.

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