Magical Tea for Magical Times


I haven’t posted in the longest time. But as you are all well aware, this is such a busy time of year & I have literally not had a spare minute in weeks!

My routines have gone out the window for now & life has literally become surviving day by day. Muddle through and try not to stress too much. Isn’t half the fun of Christmas letting go? It just gives you plenty more food for thought with regards to New Years resolutions! Excuse the terrible & obvious pun!


We have literally done a tour of Santa visits this December! Firstly at The Gaiety Panto, Peter Pan, courtesy of Laya Healthcare.


(Santa at The Gaiety was a merry chap indeed!)

We subsequently met at our crèche, my husbands family day at work & finally at Imagine in Fota Island Resort. This poor Santa was a victim of circumstances I’m afraid & was given the 3rd degree by a seasoned 5 year old……who then proceeded to PULL his real beard in suspicion. He quite literally nearly fell off his chair in shock…whilst I nearly passed out of the same! We narrowly escaped eviction.


(An unplanned appearance by me in the crèche photo – it was that or a photo of Santa sans child!)

Imagine was amazing. This year far surpassed our experience last year for many reasons. I do firmly believe though that it doesn’t really matter where kids go to see Santa. Every experience is magical and needs no whistles & bells. This was purely for me!



The real Santa escaped unscathed from our house on Dec 24th…just leaving some small few pieces of evidence in his wake.

IMG_3874.JPG(Icing powder over a Croc & a Penney’s/Primark ‘forgotton’ Elf slipper worked wonders)

Santa brought me a new coat & top, both of which I had to put on instantly….of course. I am a SUCKER for Maje clothing. I used to buy it in France before it came to Ireland & must admit I was both delighted and a tiny bit disappointed when Brown Thomas started to stock it. But I got over that fairly quickly when I realised having kids would

a) stop me from travelling


b) (and much more relevant) I’d be broke so couldn’t buy it anyway or either way! So now the occasional treat from the sale does me fine!


(And those hightops again! Seriously….I know…..I LIVE in them.)


(Christmas Day Comfort!!)

Apart from that I have just eaten, drank & lounged about for the last few days. So I woke up on the 27th determined to regain a small bit of control. And where to start? Even if it’s just for a few days before the New Years madness?

Tea. That’s where.


I had not heard of matcha tea 8 months ago. Two good friends of mine introduced me to it shortly after boy-child was born. This stuff is like green tea by the power of ten! Whilst I am not in love with the taste of it, I find it palatable and not a bit offensive. One cup is definitely not a problem. To me it tastes like a strong cup of green tea.

I use Koyu Matcha (I buy in the Quay Co-op in Cork)

 Koyu Organic Premium Matcha

But why drink this wonder stuff?

Here’s why I’ll be drinking it religiously for the next few weeks:

Amongst its many benefits, matcha…

Is packed with antioxidants ;

Boosts metabolism and burns calories;

Has 10 times the nutrients of regular tea;

Enhances mood and aids in concentration;

Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium;

Fights against viruses and bacteria;

Reduces stress & anxiety & therefore can aid regular sleep.

The Koyu range has 3 types – each one colour coded.

Yellow (premium) – the richest one but also mildest tasting one. Recommended for those who are serious regarding their nutrition.

Red (ceremonial) – recommended for those with a good diet & healthy lifestyle.

Koyu Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Green (Japanese)  – recommended for those suffering from fatigue, recovering from illness or very overweight.

Koyu Organic Japanese Matcha

It is recommended you drink matcha about an hour after a meal but not in the evening as you may end up wired after it!!! You should prepare it with warm water but not freshly boiled water as it is a living food and you will damage it.

Amazingly you can also can make a face mask with it due to its detoxing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Try blitzing an avocado, some honey & some essential oils with it – I personally use Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse in mine.

So there you have it – there isn’t much a cup of tea can’t solve……but we’ve known that for years, eh?












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