This Momma is Going Back to School at Kinsale Gourmet Academy!

In an effort to up my steak game, I packed my bag (and camera!) and off I went to my first day back at school….. cookery school that is, in the Kinsale Gourmet Academy on the grounds of Ballinacurra House.

To be honest I wasn’t that familiar with the school itself but I had been to a wedding in Ballinacurra House some time ago. Which was magical and made me kind of just want to move in there really. I was invited along by chef David Rice who explained how he would teach me how to cook the Perfect Steak. After giving hubby more than his share of Quinoa bowls I figured upping my steak game would surely earn me hubby brownie points. Mate, 2 veg & potato” is the way to this guys heart! 

The school itself is modern & kind of cool. David wasted no time on getting stuck in. He demo’d the first dish and within a few minutes we were up at our stations ready to recreate it. It’s a little intimidating at first because David does it with such ease! Soon we were laughing over our tea’s, coffees and wine – or maybe that was just the others in the class giggling nervously at my incessant train of questions. Who knew that I needed to know so much about cooking steak – but you get drawn in! Being no stranger to the kitchen, before long I was well on my way. If I’m being honest I even started to get a bit competitive!

‘Hey, it’s me against this cow – and this fillet ain’t goin’ a get the better of me’. 

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t type exactly what was in my head – but there you go. Theres really no comparison to watching someone cook (hey, we’ve all watched Jamie & Nigella sitting on the couch avec vino on many’s an occasion!) & actually doing it with a Michelin standard chef over your shoulder!! No pressure really. Pressure? For Tyres!

Less experienced cooks in my presence had no problem either. When our first dish was cooked we got to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labour. It become clear that regardless of your level of skill or experience in the kitchen, the class is suitable for all levels. My favourite were the little tricks and tips from David along the way – some of which I have been sharing on my Instagram stories (here) and snapchat (Leanmeanmomma).

This would be a fun activity to do with a group of friends or as a couple. There was even a first date on our night there! Classes cost €50 – €65 per person, last approx. 2.5hrs, include dinner and a glass of wine. You also get recipe packs to take away. Hubster has seen the photo’s from the night & accordingly the recipe pack has been placed strategically by our hob by the way of a hint. Long suffering but good things come to those who wait I tell him.

Kinsale Gourmet Academy is also the home of the Weber Grill Academy. So if the BBQ is more your thing, you can become a pro at that too! I am seriously thinking I just found my Fathers Days gift from the kids!!! Check out the various classes here on their website here.

As a result I am super excited to team up with The Kinsale Gourmet Academy on June 11th for an afternoon of Prosecco and Fast Easy Dinners. Their chef Dave Rice and I will be demo’ing some easy, heathy family friendly meals (from brunch to tea!) Expect lots of tasting! You can check out more about the event here and buy tickets if you so wish!!

Your’s, hoping to see some of you there,

Cli xx

This is a sponsored post by The Kinsale Gourmet Academy.

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