Nature Vs Nuture & the Open Farm.

There has been an argument raging in science circles for years. One that has baffled scientists…….confusion, bemusement & befuddlement (is that even a word?) The whole “nature versus nurture” is one that has run for centuries. Alack & alas, no more brain power needs to be expended giving thought to said issue. I have the answer – living proof in the form of a (very dirty) 19 month old.

If environment was a key influencer of social advancement, well, then 3rd born would be, quite simply, a girl who just looks like a boy. Our house is pink plastic heaven, Disney in the south of Ireland, role play that includes babies, marriages & tea parties.

But despite all the glitter (& sometimes quite despicable girly-ness) 3rd born is resolutely, completely and absolutely OBSESSED with cars, machinery & tractors! His 1st word was CAR (*think more KAW KAW KAW). He spent at least 67% of our holiday in France sitting in my husbands jeep. It was about that time that we heard the engine start one afternoon & so confiscated the keys for the remaining 33% of the time there.

Most mornings my car, on starting it, resembles a space ship with lights flickering and alarms going off in every direction. All resultant of grimy, fingers that have pressed buttons that should remain untouched.

And don’t get us started on tractors.

With this in mind we decided to take a much-anticipated trip to Ardmore Open Farm last weekend. And oh what fun we had!!

First off the views from the farm are fantastic & would make you long to live by the sea. On arriving, we did struggle to leave the fantastic cafe area. They have 2 soft play areas – 1 for under 4’s and the other for older children. The Offspring wanted to stay there & we actually had trouble getting them out to the farm.

But once we got outside, the cafe was soon forgotten. I managed to craftily side step another outdoor playground – simply as we were worried about rain & on we went to pay homage to the meer-cats, coatimundi & every other unpronounceable animal I have encountered – each of which were fab from the exotic right down to the hens & goats.

3rd born getting to know the locals!

Seeing as I am now 7 months pregnant I was excused (sadly) from having a go on the new go-karts that are available (at no extra cost!) but my sister kindly offered her services – never one to pass up a photo op’ really. 1st born even managed her 1st ever hand-brake turn – unintentional & proud #ResponsibleParenting

Lewis Hamilton……eat your heart out.

The highlight of the afternoon has to be petting time. It’s worth ringing ahead to find out when it is – it was 3pm on Sunday when we were there. The girls had a ball and there aren’t many opportunities where they get to be up close with such small animals.

You could easily wile away a whole afternoon here visiting all the animals & getting lost in their maze, playing ping-pong, digging sand on their mini-diggers & (personal fave) drinking coffee with a really tasty lunch in their cafe. I loved the fact they had a comfort zone too with sofa’s, bean bags and TV’s to watch any matches that may otherwise escape you! Hubster was particularly satisfied with this rather unexpected but thrilling development. Especially as the kids played giant connect 4 & threw themselves down the various slides & into ball pools, while we chilled out.

Just call me Sir David Attenborough. Clearly not scared….no…..not a bit……perfectly relaxed there. 3rd born was enjoying it too!

And as for 3rd born? Well just as we were finished with the prairie dogs & tormenting the barn owl he caught sight of a lawnmower parked up in a shed. And not just any lawn-mover – a yellow & green John Deere. Cue frantic clambering, shouting, fawning & absolute, pure unadulterated joy on the face of a 19 month old. Nature versus Nuture? You’ve got to be kidding me right? The girls wouldn’t see a lawnmower even if it rolled over them. This is genetic. In his mechanics. A complete, total & utter destructive force bourne from the same parents that are raising 2 Elle Woods circa 2015.

There is simply no other explanation.

I rest my case.

Yours, about to gain her PhD in everything Massey Ferguson & planning a return visit to Ardmore Open Farm for sure,

Cli xx



  1. September 18, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    I absolutely love it here, we brought the girls here the Christmas before last to see Santa it was totally magical..

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