Newborn Baby Bath Fear & The Shnuggle Solution

As a first time Mum I used to quake in fear of baby bath time. The mere thought of it used to send my heart rate racing at the prospect of dropping, drowning, splashing, losing my precious new-born bundle in the tub! It was quite honestly a 2 or 3 man operation.


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Of course I had visions of bubs gently soaking in said tub, a content smile across his or her face, surrounded by perfectly warm water and classical music playing from an imaginary sound system and it would be, of course, all peace and love, Man.


I can and I will fit this ENTIRE fist in – just watch me try!

The reality  was this – we started at lunch time for an 5pm bath. Why, I hear you ponder?

  • 3 hours to heat the room to an appropriate temperature (oh the naivety & innocence);
  • 35 mins to mobilise the battalion of baby creams, oils, ointments and baby wash – surely something will get rid of this eczema – lets fire them all on & see;
  • 15 mins to find 22 baby-grows and vests. By the time we’ve wrestled the nappy on we’ll have dropped one into the bath, another will be for a child double the size & the 3rd will usually get wee’d on as we’ve done the nappy wrong amidst the chaos and stress and so on and so forth.
  • 10 mins to simply stand there and figure out which arm you will use to wash and which to prop.

The moral of this sorry tale is this. Bath time is stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be. And it took me 4 children to realise this.

I recently got sent The Shnuggle Baby bath to try and I absolutely love it. (Now I do realise the implications of this statement – yes, my life has been reduced to actual genuine excitement over a baby bath. Is this normal? Is this all that is left? We’re so rock’n’roll really.)


New tiles!!! On new bathroom floor! Probably the highlight of late 2015 – only 2nd to 4th borns arrival. Rock on! You may also have noticed that we don’t dress up for bath time round ours. 

I haven’t been paid to write this review so it is unbiased. This is a really helpful baby product and it takes the pain and fear out of bathing your precious bundle and it also saves water to boot! Now that can’t be a bad thing with the water charges, can it?


The Shnuggle Bath keep your baby upright in the bath for you and has little bump that sits in front of his or her peachy, squishy bum and props them up. It also has a foam back rest that is a little grippy (is this a word?)so you can relax in the knowledge that it is soft and they are comfortable. It is also more compact than a regular baby bath so storage is easier – big bonus!!!!!!

Now mother ain’t no fool & knows you still can’t just walk off and leave bubs in the bath by themselves. But at 4 months now, it does allow me to have both hands free to wash him, take the lid off a bottle or even flatten out the forgotten towel on the floor beside them. All those little jobs that bring you out in a cold sweat when you forget to do them prior to putting bubs into a regular full-sized or baby bath.

I think this is a really worthwhile buy for new Mum’s be it first time or fourth time round like me! I would think it is a great present for new parents and you will not go wrong with The Snuggle Bath.

I love this bath so much that I was cheeky enough to go back to the makers & ask for another one to give away to one of you guys. So pop on over to my Facebook page and enter the competition if you like.

Yours, living the dream,

Cli xx






  1. February 5, 2016 / 7:26 pm

    beautiful girl :*

  2. March 19, 2016 / 3:19 am

    What an adorable baby! Thanks for your sharing experience!

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