Nimue Skin Update & my trip to Solas Health & Beauty.

You might remember a few weeks ago I spoke briefly about the early morning visitor to my house. You remember? The tired looking woman who kept appearing in my bathroom mirror first thing every morning. Well, she’s still knocking about – she’s still tired. But she’s does look a little fresher. She tells me it’s her skin care routine. It hasn’t turned back the clock  – no miracles here – let’s keep it real.  However the lines are fainter and her skin is distinctly smoother and plumper. And she is much happier with it.

Nimue wrinkles

Crazy Auld Laughing Stranger in the mirror is more positive about her tired, no-turning-back-the-clocks skin now.

I often have full-blown conversations in my head. With myself. I can even have an argument with myself but I don’t take it to heart. Probably because I always win! As you have probably guess – there aforementioned exchange with the strange lady in the bathroom was a prime example of such.

I have been using Nimue Skincare now for over 4 weeks. Prior to embarking on this skin care regime there were 2 issues. 1) I am so skin care lazy and never stick to anything & 2) Nearly every face wash I used left my skin feeling 2 sizes too small for my face. Bad enough I wear my jeans to tight!

I do really like the products and what they do for my skin. The  cleansing gel is the only gel I have ever used that doesn’t make my face feel like it belongs to my 4-year-old daughter size wise! It was gentle but still left it feeling really clean.


I like the conditioning tonic also – but I hated the little gauzes you get to put it on with. I couldn’t manage them and ended up spraying my face with the tonic instead and giving it a quick rub with a cotton pad. I like simple – simple and I get on famously!

The exfoliating enzymes face mask left my skin really smooth – although I was guilty of not using it enough. 3 times a week was too much for lazy ole’ me but I did manage it one to twice a week. And swore every time that I’d use it more!

The moisturiser soaked in really fast and left no greasy residue and neither did the SPF 40. I’ll definitely be purchasing their tinted SPF for my face this summer. I love that it didn’t make my face look like it had been dipped in nappy rash cream, as often a high SPF does.


Some of the extensive Nimue Skin range at Solas Health & Beauty.

When I got the chance to experience a Nimue facial I jumped at the chance. East Cork Ladies listen up. I was lucky enough to visit Emma Cahill in Solas Health & Beauty. Her knowledge of the Nimue skin care range is second to none and her gorgeous salon in Cloyne was welcoming, cosy & worth the 20 minute drive from Cork city. I felt at ease straight away. So much so that I had to warn her I may doze off mid-facial. And morph into that crazy lazy who snores & dribbles mid-facial, only waking with a leg jerk that nearly sends the beautician into next week. Gladly on this occasion I didn’t.




I had the Nimue Rejuvenation Treatment, a facial which was so relaxing! I love when you can feel a pleasant tingle on your skin from some of the products that let you know they are working their magic. This treatment is the recommended treatment for Nimue newcomers & boasts benefits such as increased elasticity & refined texture.


Afterwards my skin felt really smooth and soft. My make up went on a lot more easily than normal too so that was a bonus. (Actually the fact that I had time to put on make up was a bonus in itself!!!)


I have since purchased Nimue eye cream from Emma to complement my starter pack. So I have high hopes! I would highly recommend a trip to Solas Health & Beauty for a personal, informative and professional service.

Catch me on snapchat at Leanmeanmomma & you can be the judge as the whether or not my skin is looking good!!

Tomorrow I will have a fantastic Nimue facial giveaway over on my Facebook page here. Check it out and good luck if you enter!!

Yours, still looking for the youth elixir though,

Cli xx




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