No sinking feelings in Cork with Yellow Sub

“It’ll be fine” I said to myself. In fact I think I may even have said it out loud a few times – much to the amusement and concern of the passers-by.

The ball at my feet, wearing the red coat with the snuggly looking fur trim on the hood, was at this stage entering phase 3 of his epic tantrum. Quite what it was about at this point, I’m not sure…..but I know it started with wanting to be lifted and there was mention of a man looking at him too (yes, have you all reeled back aghast?? I WOULDN’T carry my son the 50m we had to walk whilst pushing a partially empty double buggy and some one ACTUALLY MADE EYE CONTACT with him at some point along our journey). It’s a different world out there now folks to the one we grew up in!

Wearily I cursed myself for thinking ‘nipping’ into town with 2 under 3 was anywhere on the list of good ideas and decided a) that I am queen MotherFool & b) it was time to resort to parenting 101 and wheel out the bribes. Go on, judge me…..I dare you. But I AM that mother who said she’d never….and now has this and many other parenting fail ideals neatly stored away in her arsenal of “how to keep everyone alive and sane” parenting skill set.

leanmeanmomma life begins after coffee

dsc06305 leanmeanmomma yellow sub cork

Where can I go that’ll allow me a tasty healthy choice – something that I’d cook myself at home and good strong ‘survival’ coffee. I’ll tell you where – Yellow Sub in Cork. Nestled where the the South Mall meets Grand Parade, the glass box of tasty surprises plays host to pop up dinners and events regularly (and BYOB is always fun!!), it’s right on the river’s edge (so 3rd born – now calm – spent a good 10 minutes on a fish hunt whilst I inhaled gently sipped my almond milk flat white) and best of all it’s a cosy, friendly and fun place to hang out.

img_1755 img_1730  yellow sub cork leanmeanmomma

I opted for the sweet potato egg muffin with a side of sausage roll with black pudding. It would have been a shame not to and a girls gotta’ keep up her strength in order to fight the good fight. Don’t you think? 3rd born had a hot chocolate (level 5 bribe – standard) and 4th born sunk his 4 teeth into a fruit scone.

I silently thanked my lucky stars that my shopping aides were unable to read the delicious menu boards….. or more specifically the Nutella Milkshake part. A return trip will have to be made with 1st & 2nd born I suspect.

img_1751  img_1774 img_1775 the yellow sub leanmeanmomma

We could have whiled away the morning there, but there was shopping to be done. Santa’s elves don’t stop for long these days. It’s high season for these magical beings with mischievous inclinations. And so with that I drained my coffee, licked the last few crumbs of pastry from my fingers and wandered back out into the cold Christmas air. One elf in the buggy and the other under my arm.

img_2099 leanmeanmomma the yellow sub

Find Yellow Sub below:



Yours, hoping she is on the good list & thinking Nutella & Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate from Yellow Sub is a must,

Cli xx



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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Yellow Sub & I have been compensated accordingly.

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