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3rd born has taken to dancing on the kitchen table. Quite literally everytime I turn my back on him he is up there faster than a mountain goat scaling the side of Ben Nevis. Standing there, shaking his booty, threatening to fall & split his head open. Oh and lest I neglect to mention, he’s usually wearing his dinner on his head at this point.


Well , that’s if he’s not putting the entire contents of my house into the toilet bowl (Yes, that particular obsession is still with us). Recent findings have included one part of our travel baby monitor, 1st borns toothbrush – which, even more horrifically, found it’s way back into it’s toothbrush holder afterwards, a rainforest worth of loo paper (obvious!!), lids from various water bottles (now that missing lid situation is a blog post in itself!!! I’m convinced there is a parallel universe full of waterbottles/drinking cup lids and odd socks), my Rocketman loyalty card and the obligatory torch.


2nd born has had a personality transplant & has decided to major in 3 year old teenage angst all served up with a portion of spitting and a side of tantrum throwing (I am choosing to gloss over that spitting bit and secretly hoping none of you will actually read that sentence – if I start on that we could be here for quite some time). HORRIFIED. But imaginary Dr Phil is talking me through it and we have gone for the head on, bold step, throw the kitchen sink at it approach…..this week. Failing that, it’ll be back to google & let’s see what other experimental ‘raising your children’ techniques I can find there for next week.

1st born is being a pleasure……..and that in itself is worrying. What is going on there?

Oh and did I mention that hubby was away for the week working. So send reinforcements, we are going to advance and all that malarky! This called for the A team. But the aul wine rack is off limits due the the whole growing a future president situation (shur, why not?!)

And so I have been fairly worn out this week. And willing to accept help anywhere I can find it. And so this brings me to my latest love. Aromatherapy oils!!!

 Now before you all go visualising us sitting in my garden under a tree, holding hands singing Kumbaya instead of being inside cleaning, washing, mopping, rinse and repeat – stop. It’s not like that!

These oils are quite literally little powerhouses of goodness that can multiple-task at such ferocity that they would leave even Martha Stewart for dead! Figuratively – not literally of course! Given that they are aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers & other parts of plants, they are both fragrant & useful little powerhouses.

I got mine from Health & Wellness Coach, Caroline  Jackman (more on that later on my Facebook page) and they are from dōTERRA. You can see her blog Honest About Health here

In the last year I have become so much more conscious of not only what I put in my body but also the products I use on my clothes, skin & work surfaces. Every one little change can help and these are not different.

I just figure whilst medicines have their place as a given, it is nice to know about a natural alternative for healthcare that we can try alongside or in place of more synthetic alternatives. Such as nappy creams & hand sanitisers, to give quick examples that are relevant to a busy mum!

The bottle of Lavender has become a staple in my first-aid kit and is used daily (quite literally!) on cuts and scrapes. You just rub it on neat and that’s all – simple!

If I could drink my bottle of Wild Orange……I would……but I reckon that is not recommended!! Instead I follow the instructions and drop a little on the palm of my hands with (or without!) peppermint & inhale deeply as a mood booster. Then I rub the rest on my neck/shoulders and as well as feeling amazing, it clears my hay fever riddled sinuses! Lavender is a great antihistamine too incidentally – I have yet to try this.

And so I could go on but instead I’ll include some of my favourite uses below:


Antihistamine – taken in a drink of water

Sleep – rub behind ears

Stings/Cuts/scrapes – rub on neat.

Pore/skin soothing – after bikini wax it’s fab!

Use for nappy rash to calm & soothe too.


Sore throat/cough – add a drop to honey 

Cold sore – apply directly 

Odours – use in diffuser. Great in our bathrooms or post nappy change!!

Gum removal from fabric – genius!

Cleaning – mix with olive oil for non toxic furniture polish or use to clean stainless steel appliances & kitchen counters. Great if your kids are like mine…..and chew, lick, taste everything. At least this is safe!


Diffuse aromatically – sinuses or apply topically.

Sore joints/Tiredness – mix with lavendar & rub in.

Breathe in after meal to make you feel full!

Add to shampoo/conditioner for stimulating massage.

Apply to childs shirt before study for alertness – best avoid this at bedtime then!!!

I’m having fun experimenting with these plus you know how the say that the small things make all the difference? Well these small things certainly do! My house smells like a spa and that makes me happy, excited & calm! Something that would not excited my in the least a few years ago…….now…..well now it’s such a luxury & delight. 

So give them a go and let me know how you get on.

Head on over to my Leanmeanmomma Facebook page here and check out this fantastic competition I am running! Good luck!

Yours, in calm…….for now anyway,

Cli xx

ps you may still be considering phoning social services on me with regards to the whole toothbrush incident mentioned above. Let me reassure you…..it made a swift exit from the holder and into the bin when the ladies & gent concerned were not looking! Like I’ve said before……I can smuggle stuff out of this house with more skill than a Mexican drug cartel.

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