On your Marks, Get Set…….for Summer prep’


I hope you all enjoyed Mother’s Day this year – whether you were celebrating  being a mum or celebrating with your Mum or a loved one.

Mine was bliss – in the sense that WE DID NOTHING and that in itself was heaven.

On Saturday night Hubster & I went out for dinner. We ate in Aroi in Carey’s Lane – which was amazing & brought back many memories of our year spent working and living in Bangkok, as the food is so authentic in there.

And for dessert we popped into my new favourite spot in Cork City – ORSO.  You have to try this place, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It really has the perfect balance of healthy good food, such as Quinoa salad & Beef Kaftas to devilishly good chocolate board desserts and funky cocktails with the likes of chai spices and cracked black pepper in them.


(Chocolate board & a Ginger Smash!!)

On Sunday morning I brought 1st & 2nd born for a walk – it was simply damage control as I knew that we would all be bouncing off the walls later as I was cooking dinner for my Mum & Dad. The TV was certainly going on so this was a desperate attempt to run some energy out of them first!



(OOOhhhh and bam! A smackeroo for Mother’s Day hits you when you least expect it)

It’s that time of year again when we all start to emerge from the post Christmas hibernation, brought about by too much food, drink and late nights over the festive period, coupled with serious lack of funds!

Having worked in many bars over the years, it became evident that St Patricks Weekend became a kind of marker for many to emerge onto the social scene again. Couple this with dry January and thus a distinct fall off in the amount of people giving up alcohol for lent and you have busy restaurants and pubs once again.

It’s also that time of year where the evenings start to get longer and the promise of summer hangs sweetly in the air. Thoughts are turned to long hot summer days and horror of horrors……stripping off into a bikini.

Gone are the days where you don’t meet John or Mary from work by the pool in France, Turkey or Dingle. There is no hiding anymore.

And so the work begins on the infamous summer bod!

Diets, works outs and aspirations photo’s are pinned to fridges and boards all over the country. But what is the one thing that is most likely to help us pile on the pounds (or simply not shift them)? Alcohol!!


I love a tipple, of course. Most of us do. And being aware of what we drink from a calorie/nutritional point of view will allow us to make more informed choices.

It’s not about giving it up completely – it could be as simple as substituting and moderating.

And lists are boring & unless easy to read and practical they usually mean nothing – so below are some pictures to help us understand the implications of a night out. They are a rough guide to what we would have to do to counteract the damage!

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be having my treats. But maybe I’ll just work a little harder after!!



This is per drink by the way.



So there you go!! Food for thought as they say in the business.

Right now I must go back upstairs to dig out anything remotely green that resembles a shamrock for tomorrow’s festivities.

Yours, up to her elbows in bags from the attic,

Cli xx










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