All for One & One for All Smoothie

“1st born likes her pasta plain and the sauce next to it.

2nd born likes her mixed together and with cheese on top.

3rd born hates everything right now but put it out anyway as the day I don’t is the day I’m well & truly beaten.

4th born will eat is anyway at all and may even eat the plate with it.”

I got a new childminder for a few hours a week and this meant lists. Lots & lots of lists. The more I wrote the more foolish I realised I am – but anything for peace eh?

It’s just not easy – all these little personalities with different demands, likes, needs and wants. And a motherfool who probably didn’t put her foot down enough to begin with and now is finding it hard to row back on the whole situation.

But every so often you stumble across something that just works. Equally for us adults and all the mini future footballers, hurlers, rugby players, ballerinas, fireman, inventors and tractor drivers amongst us (that is just to name a few).

And this smoothie is just that! This recipe is stolen from my Wahaca cookbook and it’s been such a big hit over the last 2 years in our house that it deserves a place of it’s own right here.

Wahaca Horchata – serves 2 grown ones or 3 little ones (depending on their size!!)


2 tbsp oats

2 tbsp Yoghurt (soy if you want DF)

200ml milk of choice (I use almond, but coconut, soy, cows….any!)

pinch of cinnamon

1 frozen banana (doesn’t have to be frozen – I just prefer it like this)

8-10 almonds with skin on

1 tbsp agave (optional)


Pop all ingredients into your blender and blitz.

Note: If your blender is not hugely powerful, blitz the oats first on their own and then add the rest and blitz again.


This shake is full of healthy fats, protein from the almonds, the cinnamon is well known for it’s blood sugar lowering effects and full of anti-oxidants, you can make it gluten-free by swapping the oats to the GF variety and omitting the yoghurt or using soy! Something for everyone.

Yours, wishing she had some with her in a sippy cup for herself now!!,

Cli xx


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