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Curry for Cool Kids (of all ages)

Friday night. The life is drained from you. Unhooking your bra strap is just about all you can manage – and you only do so in order to exhale as long and as hard as you can muster up the strength to do. Somewhere in between forcing the washing machine…

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Non, je ne regrette rien with Aer Lingus at DisneyLand Paris

Walt Disney was surely a very clever man. Not only did he bring us the most famous mouse of all time (Sorry Danger Mouse, you’re great but your predecessor casts a long shadow ). He also wrote the following – so simple and yet true. “Laughter is timeless, imagination has…

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Saying Goodbye to a dear old Friend.

It’s not you it’s me – we’ve all heard that aul’ chestnut bandied about to or by someone in our circle at some point in our lives. Usually spoken without due diligence to someone who really would rather be anywhere but listening to it at that moment. It’s an easy…

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Lazy Days at The Beautiful Brehon

I’m partial to a massage if truth be told. However lately (by lately I am referring to the past ten years of my life) I have made do with a back rub now & then from varying sets of sticky hands that love to play beauty shop. It is admittedly…

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Camping Guide for those who are starting out

I spent the best part of my summers in the 80’s in a trailer tent en France. How lucky am I? Once August rolled around following a month improving my mother tongue in Irish college & learning other life necessities such as where babies come from and how to kiss…

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