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Changing our World with Bord na Mona

All good things must come to an end. They really do not come much better than this summer, do they? And whilst they may have been and audible sigh of relief from my direction when the kids went back to school 2 weeks ago, I was also sad to see…

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Easy-peasy Back to School Lunches with Homebird and Brady Family Ham

Confession: Sometimes I do a little happy dance around my kitchen. It normally entails flailing of hands awkwardly in one direction whilst my legs do something really uncool and Dad-like, and at the same time mouthing words to a song from the ’90’s that nobody under the age of 30…

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Cashew & Chocolate Balls with an Orange Kiss

Give me all of the chocolate, anytime, anywhere. I am a self-confessed, beyond help chocaholic. It just kinda makes me happy. Chocolate says ‘I love you’ so much better than a carrot in my world. It’s nothing personal carrot – it’s me, not you. But what to do when you…

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Top Summer Packing Tips with Otterbox

“Let’s getaway for the weekend” I said. “It’ll be great! We’ll just chuck a few things into a bag and off we go” 2 full days of packing, 3 near divorce incidents, one husband disappearing for a haircut just as you are about to pull out of the driveway and…

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Blueberry Blast for Bad Boys (And Girls)

It’s normally about this time of year that the contents of my garage start to spill out onto my lawn. An Irish Pandora’s box of sorts….dragged from its winter slumber, dusted off and dumped into the paddling pool for a quick wash by those under the legal driving age who…

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