Perfect Protein Packed Pancakes for All!!

Lazy like a sunday morning as the lyrics go eh?

Weekends in our house mean one thing. Beer Parties……oh no, wait! That was in 2005, not 2017. Old habits and all that, eh? Nowadays whilst we are beginning our days roughly around the same time as we ended them a decade ago, somethings have not changed.

So to begin again, weekends in our house mean one thing…..Brunch!!!!! Any brunch maker worth their salt nows that pancakes are not just desirable but a compulsory inclusion. 

I could literally write a book on pancakes at this stage…..but I’ll spare you.
I currently have a favourite healthy pancake recipe & it really is simple. My kids love them too……bonus! We’re not perfect – we do slather then in Nutella but I can live with myself for this. They’d have it anyway – at least this way something delicious, unprocessed & filling is “housing” the chocolate delight, whilst I try perfect my homemade Nutella.


Serves 4 

200g Oats 
500ml Almond Milk
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp Coconut Sugar/agave/maple syrup/honey (optional)
1 tbsp Coconut oil 


  • Option 1: Blend 200g of oats in nutri-bullet to make an oat flour.
  • Add the rest of your ingredients to a large bowl and mix with stick blender. 
  • Option 2: Place all ingredients into high powered blender and blitz.
  • Cook over a medium heat as per regular pancakes. I use a little cooking spray or butter in the pan but you may not need any depending on your pan.

I love to stack them high with greek yoghurt, berries and some maple syrup.  A girls gotta’ keep up her strength, right?!

Yours, planning on tomorrow’s brunch already,

Cli xx




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