Primark Summer 2016 & making our very own cloud

Can someone please shrink me and make me 6 again please? Not because I want to relive my awkward teenage years, brimming with angst. Nor do I long to do my Leaving cert again – I still have nightmares! No I simply want to fit into the Primark Summer 2016 children’s collection. Is it right to get so excited about flower girl dresses and sandals at my age? Probably not but it hasn’t stopped me from fawning over Primark’s latest offerings in this department!

I arrived to the Primark HQ with 2nd born to accompany me, brimming with excitement for our grand day out! I had hardly put my bag on the floor when she was magnetically drawn to the other side of the room, in a trance ……. to their new flower girl collection.

They even stock the sandals and headpieces! One stop shop for any prospective brides and their ring bearing, petal tossing, helpers.


Primark faith flower headband

2nd born had to be dragged from this rail – eye’s like saucers!

We were lucky enough to be invited to come play with the OhMeOhMyDIY girls in the Primark Press Office yesterday. And oh what fun we had!!! These workshops are loads of fun and the attention to detail made for such an enjoyable morning of glueing, sticking, cutting, pasting and of course laughing!!

And we even made a cloud!! Which 2nd born is insisting on calling a chandelier. Hey, if it works…..I’m happy to go with it.

Primark Summerwear



A rather shiny looking me….. what do they say? A racehorse sweats but a lady perspires? I’m sweating. Definitely sweating…….2 hours of glueing, cutting, painting & general fun does this. It’s called taking a hit for the team #Parenting

Faith Primark cushions

Excuse me? Is that a rose gold cushion under you? Get up, my child……my living room needs these.

The Primark Summer Children’s wear collection is just ultra cool, without being over the top. I like kids to look like kids……trendy is good and affordable is even better. After all it’s all going to get ruined anyway. Primark hits all the right notes this summer and I have my eye on several pieces for the 4 mini presidents in my house.

Primark Summer 2016 twins

The spring stock is already in-store but the summer stock is due to land in the next few weeks. So if it is a little fashionista that you are growing… need to hot foot it to your local Primark and you will not be disappointed.

Nor, will they!!



There are a pair of sunnies for everyday of the week!

Your’s, still wanting the denim playsuit in age 6 that I spied yesterday,

Cli xx



  1. Trish Carlos
    March 24, 2016 / 8:19 am

    As always a great read. Can’t wait to see the boys’ stock – my two mucky monkeys are definitely Pennys boys at the rate they go through clothes!
    Love the rose gold cushions too!
    And you’re glowing – according to my second year English teacher anyway – horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. You look fab regardless.

  2. April 20, 2016 / 10:17 am

    The clothes look absolutely lovely. Too bad we don’t have any Primark nearby 🙁

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