Raising the barre with Elite Pilates

I love kids. I’d just never manage a whole one myself. Hilarious aren’t I?

Yes forget about “Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out” – that was one was straight from the school of Dad bad jokes!! But whichever of the above you subscribe too, one thing is for sure, you’ll feel better, look better, dance badly better, build lego towers better & generally just survive the daily battles better if you take time out and move!

So don’t be scared – there is something out there for us all and shur, isn’t a change as good as a holiday?!

You may have seen that I have been attending ELITE Pilates recently to tackle the reformer boards. You can see my post about it here.

leanmeanmomma elite pilates

Photo credit to the amazing Anna Groniecka In fact ALL photo credits to her on todays post!!!


What I had not known about at beginning my reformer boards journey (besides the fact that I’d really really enjoy it and find the stretch so beneficial) but that ELITE Pilates also do a Barre class. Yes picture this……a whole bunch of potentially stressed out individuals (who may or may not have seen the inside of a night club in years) all shaking their booties to 90’s and 00’s hits, legally and in broad daylight!


leanmeanmomma barre


Granted there were similarities to Fabric in 1999: lycra – check, sweaty individuals dancing their tush’s off – check, slightly demonic gazes spread across the faces of attendee’s – check but this is all good clean fun that leaves you refreshed and with the smug feeling that you did a great workout without really knowing it happened!


elite leanmeanmomma


And the burn…..yes….the burn in the places where you know the burn is beneficial. In addition to traditional barre classes, ELITE Barre incorporates full range of motion moves and Interval Training to keep your heart rate elevated.


leanmeanmomma barre


Set to high energy music, this unique Barre workout incorporates the precision of Pilates, with the positions, moves and techniques of ballet, the alignment of yoga and strength from sports conditioning. Now admittedly I was more Daddy Pig than The Nutcracker but there were plenty more double left footers there so nobody judged – we just muddled through and eventually found our own groove. And free-styled through when the going got tough. Laughing is good for your abs to you know!! It’s a win-win.


elite pilates barre leanmeanmommma


Would I recommend it? Yes. I really loved it and it’s good to mix things up. Christmas is coming – a selection of ELITE pilates classes would certainly go down well in any Christmas sock in my opinion!!

Your’s, signing hallelujah & thinking of that girl on the roller skates in the Tampax ad’ – cos I’m a 90’s chick you know,

Cli xx


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