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Ho! Ho! Ho! T’is the season to spend a fortune!! No different to the rest of the country I am deleriously beating my way through this months budget, throwing caution to the wind and drunk on jovialities – let’s worry about the credit hangover in January, eh?

Leanmeanmomma xmas

For the record I’m not being paid for mentioning any of these products….I just personally loved their stuff!!

With so many choices to be made this month with regards to how and where you spend your money and on what I thought I’d add to your confusion make life a little easier with some local Irish inspiration.

So here is a quick list on items that impressed me this month on my travels and everything here I either have or desire to have for a loved one of mine.

For Her

Lisa from Little Luxury Store set up this stunning jewellery site a few months ago. Lisa`s vision is to truly celebrate great design and individualism in fine jewellery, with a focus on unique designers and a passion for launching emerging talents onto a bigger stage. My Vivien Frank Rose Gold Silk Friendship bracelet has been firmly on my wrist since the end of October.

And little touches like the Dream pendant – Inscribed on the pendant’s 22 carat gold vermeil disc is a soundwave. When translated into speech, this soundwave says: “Dream”. Sounds ideal for someone with a head full of dreams and fantasies!

the little luxury store leanmeanmomma



Find them on:

For Bubs

Kate set up Moon & Back whilst on her maternity leave. This brand new baby store is packed choc’ full of gorgeous high quality pieces and are at a perfect gifting price – shop her store here. We are loving the Bee Nutty Top & the grey stag leggings!

Baby fashionistas will love – a new Irish online baby boutique. 13 international and Irish children’s brands will be available on the new site, including exciting new brands such as Emile et Ida, My Little Cozmo, nOeser, Sleepdoe and Mini Learners that are being introduced to the Irish market for the first time. Moon&Back is a one stop online shop for all things baby and toddler related when it comes to comfortable, stylish and affordable gifts for children aged 0-2.



emileetida_trousers lollipopsdaydreamsboltdress

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For Him (well really – who am I kidding? For me too!)

Is it ethically correct to go from squishy babies to hard liquor? Yes! Imperative I think! I’m new to this whole world of G&T but it usually involves a big fancy glass and fruit so I’m happy to get in on the act. Whilst away on a hen recently I discovered Gunpowder Irish Gin. It was love at 1st stip and they are Irish to boot!

I emailed PJ Rigney’s team for some help with regards to making the most of this precious nectar and serving suggestions were a plenty. My favourite being popping an uncut chilli into the glass with it and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes  and tonic for maximum pleasure!!! I have yet to try but I will once hubster has it unwrapped and I take it off him. For those not quite so adventurous they suggested FeverTree Elderflower Tonic with red grapefruit and fresh raspberries.

I bought my bottle in O’Briens online – free delivery to my door!!

gin leanmeanmomma

gunpowder irish gin

For the Childers

I recently recieved a lovely package from Fill Their Stockings and fell instantly in love with the whole box. You may have see it on my Instagram stories (here) or my snapchat (Leanmeanmomma). Fill Their Stockings is a concept store specialising in nostalgic and classic toys for the very young and the young at heart. I have a soft spot for their Moulin Roty Range as each of my 4 off-spring has a soft toy from this range since birth that accompanies them to bed every single night! They are a so soft, durable and well made and just a little quirky – we all love a little quirky, don’t you think?

I also love their Nailmatic Kids surprise nail cone with water based nail varnish as a stocking filler. My girls will go WILD for this. And removing it from the various part of the house it finds itself shouldn’t be too traumatic as it’s water based.

And the Lottie dolls that they stock are a huge hit! And what with a gazillion outfit changes available ot gives us options………we like options. And at a great price for a gift.





Find them on:

So there you have it. Just a small bit of inspo’ for those who are beginning to lose the will or maybe you haven’t started yet?

Yours, wondering when is an acceptable time to have a G&T,

Cli xx


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