Snack Differently with Snack a Jacks & Oven Baked Walkers

High Five all round everyone – we did it!! We survived January. Possibly the dreariest, least exciting time of the year….or is it? Maybe it’s just a frame of mind and January has been getting a bad rap all these years needlessly. Maybe January should be celebrated for what it is. A chance to stop, pause, reset, recalibrate and start over.

However now we are in a slightly less bleak time of year. I see a stretch in the evenings folks….no I refuse to believe that it is wishful thinking…….it’s there! We’ll all be in kaftan’s out the back, garden hose in one hand, wetsuits in the other, the kettle boiling in a bid to reduce the chances of the kiddo’s getting hypothermia from the plastic pool, before we know it.

So let’s not let all that good work from January go. Start as you mean to go on. You’ll thank yourself later. But it does not mean that life has to be joyless!! No not at all. You just have to make choices. Same as every other aspect of your life. When you want a treat – have it!! But ask yourself “Is there a better option?” You will find that there always is!

I’ve teamed up with Walkers Oven Baked and Snack a Jacks to show you how you can still have your Movie Night snacks without all of the guilt. Fewer calories & oven baked they offer a healthier alternative to regular deep-fried crisp. They are delicious and hit the spot nicely every-time!! But like I always say……every thing in moderation!!!

Friday Night Salsa

walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks


5 medium tomatoes

Salt and Pepper

1 clove of Garlic

2 Green Chillis

A bunch of Coriander

1 onion

Juice of 2 small limes

Oven Baked Walkers


Chop your tomatoes into small pieces and pop into a bowl.

Dice you onion and crush your garlic. Add this to the tomatoes.

Finely chop your chilli – add this to the onion and tomato.

Juice you limes into the bowl.

Chop or shred your coriander. Season your mixture with salt and pepper.

Leave to sit for at least 30 minutes. 

Enjoy with your Oven Baked Walkers. 

Leftovers are also fab dished up on a curry the next day!

walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks

walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks

Hummus for the Hangry


2 tbsp lemon juice

1-2 cloves of garlic

380g of chickpeas

pinch of sea salt

2 tbsp tahini

3-4 tbsp of Olive oil

1 tsp paprika

1 pack of Sweet Chilli Snack a Jacks

walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks


Pop all of the ingredients (apart from the Snack a Jacks) into your food processor and blend until smooth.

Serve in a bowl with a sprinkle of paprika on top.

Drizzle some olive oil on top too.

Serve with the Snack a Jacks or Oven Baked Walkers.

walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks

Simple 2 ingredient Dips

Ingredients in total for both dips:

1 280g tub of Light Cream Cheese

2 tbsp sun-dried tomato pesto (I used a chilli one)

3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

 walkers Leanmeanmomma snack a jacks


Split your cream cheese in half and pop into 2 separate bowls.

Add the sweet chilli sauce to one and the pesto to the other.

Stir well and enjoy with your Snack a Jacks dipped into them.

Leftovers are fab spread on a sandwich the next day!!

Your’s, willing the weekend to arrive,

Cli xx


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  1. January 30, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    Have been watching these on your stories and they look really tasty. I am more of a sweet tooth than savoury but these look good. Are they gluten free ?

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