Spring forward, fall back….into bed!


I hope lots of you got to enjoy a lie in today. There was a time I relished the thought of an extra hour in bed one weekend a year. Well, truth be told, I still relish the thought but 9 month olds aren’t particularly interested in the daylight savings changes. Nor, for that matter are 3 & 5 year olds. So an early start was an even earlier one this morning, with 3rd born chirping at 5.45am. But what are you going to do?

Attack is the best form of defence & we’re getting out en mass today. There is going to be a walk in the woods followed by the best roast in Ireland. Courtesy of my Mum. Having picked up a foot injury from running I am going slightly insane (impatience is my middle name!!) so I’m hoping fresh air work wonders! And who knows….. Maybe we’ll sneak out for some bank holiday Sunday night fun after.

But first what to wear? We lit our stove for the first time this winter last night, it was a sure sign of a turn in the weather. And there are 2 things in life guaranteed to make me miserable. Being hungry and being cold!


The aforementioned best roast in Ireland will take care of the hunger issue and my favourite warm woolly knits will ensure I’m not chilled to the core whilst fairy hunting later. Sounds picturesque doesn’t it? However let me assure you it will be more of the mud, lost gloves, heads itchy from woolly hats and wet bums than fairy dust and sparkles. But there most essentially will be smiles, muddy puddles & wellies. Three essential ingredients for a tired family of five.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear my new FAVOURITE jumper to ensure complete snuggledom. It’ll be hidden under about 15 tog of outer-wear though but who cares! I’ll know it’s there.



(Eagle Jumper Whitefawn Boutique, Jeans – Zara, Belt – Penneys/Primark)

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll get some time to sneak off for some shopping too – there are some knits I’ve seen online that are on my hit wish list.


What have you been doing for the bank holiday weekend? I suspect looking out at the rain I will also be spending a portion of time paining egg boxes black and creating wonderful creatures with an assortment of pipe cleaners and string as suggested! Thank you!!

Cli xx










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