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So it’s one of those days and you are watching the rain lash off the windows outside and wondering why you didn’t have the giant tree that’s now dangerously close to falling on the house chopped down. The kids are climbing the walls & not even letting you finish a silent thought in you head uninterrupted. Oh what to do? That doesn’t entail going outside or spending money?

Well Mummypages brought a little something to my attention recently. And I think you will like it!

This is how things are in our house…..maybe you can relate…..or maybe I’m the worst mother ever for getting ‘I’m actually to tired to put my kids to bed’ dreads?

7.30pm rolls around & (sometimes) with it that impending feeling of dread I am ashamed to admit. 3 sets of toilets stops, pull up/nappy changes & little baby milk teeth to scrub…..under duress of course. Sometimes I feel I would gladly swap with my smallies & hop straight into bed & leave them up to roam the house. But we know that wouldn’t work. Once we are up the stairs, with books in-hand a sense of calm is restored.


We are big readers in this house. In fact sometimes I think my 2nd born is half child – half book such is the fascination! In our adult world, as we sit there bleary eyed, thinking about the washing up in the sink downstairs, it can be easy to kiss them all goodnight and get on with the never ending chores. But much as I struggle sometimes to muster up the energy, I never ever let my kids go to sleep without a book. That five minute snuggle into Mummy or Daddy’s lap, all fighting over the best spot, one of them practically sitting on your head & those really badly exeucted accents are met with silence, awe & complete immersion. Where else in the world would I get that from an audience?


I cannot imagine a world without Fantastic Mr Fox, The Gruffalo & The Twits, to name but a few of the big hits in our house. How can you top that? You can’t but you can come pretty close by having your child actually star in the book!! Cue eyes wide as saucers.

These are some of the reasons why (click for link!!!) from Kinder Surprise was a huge hit with my adventurers. The beautifully laid out, easy to navigate, brightly coloured site worked fantastically on my iPad. With options to write your own script or pick from ready made suggestions, it kept my 3 and 5 year olds interested right through the process of creating their own storybook. There are characters to suit all & no matter what your adventurers preferences are, be it under the sea or outer space, there are scenes to suit all too. And for Mum, it was painless!!! And fun!

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I was really impressed with Kinder Surprise for developing this site & will be recommending it to my friends. The fact that you can purchase your book once created is a great incentive to get them on there & hone their storymaking skills. And it would certainly keep them occupied in a restaurant , airport or hotel lobby!

So my advice is to log on, get creative and reading!! When else in you life are they going to hang on your every word? Happy Storymaking!!!

Yours in chaos,

Cli xx<

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