Sunday Night-itis & Tea for Two Thousand and sixteen!

The first Monday in January. How many of us got the biggest hit of Sunday nightitis last night? Quite literally the theme tune of Glenroe must have been ringing in everyone’s ears from about 4:30pm!


I have not been on here in a little while – life got in the way of blogging & that happens. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways but I’m back again and ready to grasp 2016 like a bull by the horns! Well ok, slight exaggeration…..I’m more wet fish than bull currently but hey I’ll give it my best shot.

Firstly a speedy update on what’s been going on here. I’ve had a scan on my right foot – which was sore for the past 15 months & I had been getting physio on it for Plantar Fascitis. Finally having safely delivered Boy Child Part Deux I went for a MRI on it in the run up to Christmas & it turn’s out that I have ruptured my Plantar Fascia & also have an edema in my heel bone – this is a bone bruise basically. So in order to prevent a full fracture & to allow my plantar fascia to heal I have boot on my foot & stern instructions to rest it completely. So this is currently what I am doing…..





IMG_2009 (2)

My new favourite coat from Zara – permanent fixture on my bod’ at the moment!!

I’ve eaten and drank enough to be merrier than Robin Hood’s entire band of men this festive season. It’s time to call a halt.

3rd born got a tractor from Santa……..consequently our entire back garden gets shifted into the kitchen routinely. This is my current situation….turn left & I see my kitchen which is in dire need of a massive clean, turn right & my dining table area resembles the set of Dinny’s yard in Glenroe. All’s I am short is a few mongrel Greyhounds & Joe Lynch.

So whilst 1st & 2nd born prance around the playroom desperately seeking their own Disney version of Dick Moran whilst clad in all things pink and tulle & while mini Dinny excavates my back lawn in his 2 foot high plastic John Deere (nothing run’s like a Deere!!!), I have found 5 minutes to make a few late (better than never!!) resolutions.

They are mostly to do with not spending money.

But one I thing I have resolved to do is drink more tea!! Yes, tea. I drink tonnes of coffee & I love it. I have neither the will nor desire to give it up. But I have resolved to explore the benefits of herbal tea and consume copious amounts of it for 2016.

Here is where I am starting and why;

  • Ginger & Lemon Tea – this you can make at home & is DELICIOUS. It’s simple benefits include improved immunity, fights of colds & coughs, relieves stress, aids digestion & cures low grade fever.
    • 2 inches Ginger Root
    • 1 L water
    • 2 tbsp Lemon Juice (I use freshly squeezed & then throw in the squeezed lemon piece)
    • 1-2 tsp honey.
      • Chop/grate the Ginger & infuse in boiled water for 20 mins. Then add your lemon & honey. Strain into a cup if you wish and enjoy!


  • Peppermint Tea – helps relieve bloating & gas, can act as appetite suppressant, can provide sinus relief & soothe sore throats & can aid sleep as it is a muscle relaxant.
  • Green Tea – loaded with antioxidants & nutrients. Great for fat burning, improved physical performance, can kill bacteria which improves dental health & lowers risk of infection.

IMG_2158 (1)

  • Chamomile Tea – eases insomnia, boosts immune system & banish menstrual cramps.

IMG_2159 (1)

This list is endless – and I intend to explore with a new box every month.

And with that, bottom’s up!

Your’s, knee deep in gravel from outside my back door,

Cli xx


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