Sunday Paper’s 1st stop – Bargainville


I love a bargain! As much as the next girl. And for the past 7 or 8 years my Sunday mornings have consisted of pretty much the same routine. Get up, shake off Saturday, make coffee and get the Sunday papers.


Now in some houses there may be a fight over the sports section or maybe even the business section. There has been a mad dash for the Life magazine, for those of us so inclined, on occasion in my house. But without fail there is ALWAYS a grab made for the Lidl supplement. Its become somewhat of a tradition. And I suspect that it is the same all over the country.

What is it about that little magazine? Is it the promise of a genuine bargain? Does it bring out the competitor in us all?

Hhhhmmmm maybe I can get that one little thing that will, of course, completely transform my life for LESS than anybody else has paid for it ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD and I will be winning!!”

Is it the completely random, and strange objects that they manage to source on it and convince us that we cannot live without? I mean, who knew that 5 years later I would still absolutely LOVE my  plug-in, wrap around like a snake, plate warmer. For a ROCK BOTTOM price.

Who knows. But whatever it is, it has become so embedded in our sunday morning culture, that if it disappeared we would certainly all wonder what we would discuss over breakfast for those 5 minutes.

Anyway why am I writing about this? Well because tomorrow in Lidl is Fitness/Work out week and you all need to grab some bargains before they are gone.


(Live by the sword/die by the sword and all that!!!! he he!)

Here are my favourites – the picture quality isn’t great so apologies!

lidl headphonses

Headphones – I normally get a few pairs!

Lidl kettle bell

I have 2 kettlebells – I recently read an article that 8Kg is the optimal weight for a girl to use. But there are a few choices in Lidl this week.

lidl pressup

Press up bars, and sit up bars for under the door. Cheap and cheerful.

So log on here to see more of the bargains and happy shopping!!








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  1. brigette
    February 11, 2015 / 12:24 pm

    Oh Brill, I want to get the bumbbell set for sure, my membership in Kingsley is up end of March and I loved the using the them.. might even stretch to the work out bench;)
    My Nutri B is being used every single day…to say I love it is an understatement. Thanks Cli. x

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