Sweat…….like a Girl & look good doin’ it


In the words of Coco Chanel

“When accessorising always take off the last thing you put on”

This is great advice – especially for the likes of me – who when the mood takes me, needs to get on the latest trends…….all at once……in one go, one outfit on one night or day out. I mean life is too short to waste on a bad outfit and all that, eh?

So for the most part I stick to my staple of jeans, trainers (or flat boots) & knits but every now & then a bit of Anna Wintour aspires to burst outta me & the result can be akin to what our hallway looks like when the kids dress or ‘trim’ the Christmas tree come December.

So for the purpose of this post let me stick to what I know best, eh? Accessories of the sporting kind.


This will happen someday, I’m sure.

And I am loving Penney’s/Primarks new range for a start:

Coming in under €5 is always a winner! And I love this black and pink visor. I hate running/working out wearing baseballs caps as my head turns into a sweat-fest & passing out becomes a distinct possibility. But I also hate the thought of the summer sun beating down on my face whilst the SPF 50 drips off it and onto my upper lip. Now the visor isn’t going to stop the Suncream river but it will allow my head to stay nice & cool whilst I run.


Do you know we lose about 10% of our body heat through our heads?

It’s no secret that lots of us have now cottoned on to the fact that we need to incorporate weights into our workout regimes. Strong is the new skinny, as the saying goes. And I must say that I love lifting.

However what I do not like is hands that I could sand my shed with. And so these gloves are a great start. 


The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, even at rest! So think about that one!!

And for music addicts…..or those of us, like me, who need a sound track to iron our life’s challenges and dilemmas when running, there is this fabulous iPhone carrier.


Do you know you can optimise your workouts by choosing songs with different bpm’s to motivate you?

And last……but by no means least……. The utterly fantastic wrist band. This is the item you would be tempted to leave behind or wonder what use it is. But these are THE BEST things ever. How many times have I had to unlace (is this a word??) my trainers & thread my door key into them, on finding I have no pockets. And then watch it bounce around in a really annoying fashion as I run……threatening to get lost.

Or sometimes those teensy tiny pockets on the inside of our leggings are far too small to fit the bulky car keys we now have. Or I simply would not trust the house my ‘just in case’ €10 safely.

But these are a great solution and I love mine.




So there you go……. A whole new avenue of spending for us all to explore tee hee. But at these prices no one could complain.

So happy shopping and just remember:


Yours, utterly swamped in stuff that I need to start taking off,

Cli xx

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