Taking matters back into my own hands with The Club at Maryborough Hotel & Spa.

Hands up anyone whose head has been exploding these past few weeks. This whole end of summer malarky is tough work……and getting the kids back to school just is not seam-less. It’s become quite the balancing act – figuring out who needs to be when and where and for how long. Voices in your head saying things like “What was I thinking when I signed them up for hurling at 4pm on a Monday?!?…..shur didn’t I know Monday was swimming day……oh yea but that was only for a 6 week block……so if I have 2 apples in one pocket and 5 in the other and a wolf comes along and eats a pear…..how many frogs are left in the box?”

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You get my drift yea? Complete mind barrage!! This is the stuff that dreams straight jackets are made of. That’s why it is now more important than ever to reclaim that bit of time to yourself. To keep the head in check! There’s nothing worse than lost marbles. The change of season may conjure up the idea of warm stews, log fires, woolly polo necks pulled tight around cold ears & signal the end of skin exposure until those longer warmer evenings greet us again next spring. But whilst it may not be the season for the aul’ summer bod’ motivation it is equally (if not more so) important to stay active, hit the gym, streets, parks whatever works and keep moving. The benefits are numerous & nothing creates energy quite like a workout.

leanmeanmomma gym workout maryborough hotel

leanmeanmomma gym workout maryborough hotel

You’ll never regret one! It’s true!!

I, for one, enjoyed a more relaxed approach to my workouts in August. Home for the holliers, kids off school, BBQ just begging to be lit, it was all very easy to slow down a little. It’s all cyclical! And now is the time to clean things up a little once again and spend that extra bit of effort in the gym.

You may all well know that I am a member of The Club in the Maryborough Hotel and Spa.  It is my little sanctuary of peace and calm away from the mad house in which I reside. You may have seen the Couch to 5Km programme that I wrote about over the summer – if not you can see it here.  I love that so many of you came on the journey with me and The Club! It is for that reason I wanted to do another follow up post with a quick workout that anyone can do (and I do regularly down there) anywhere. It was written by one of their high qualified personal trainers for me as part of my weekly one to one PT sessions.

leanmeanmomma gym workout maryborough hotel

I love that it is so easy to follow & well, simple! The walk and talk me through all the exercises – seriously….Goblet squat….no not holding a viking sized chalice of wine…..not that type of goblet squat. they set me straight fairly fast. A brain that is at tipping point doesn’t need any more complications. I can get it done quickly, no fuss, no hanging about for equipment & know that it is working areas specific to my requirements. And when I get bored of it? They write me another. It’s great. I love solutions!

Here is my latest programme. I do this circuit 4 times with a minutes rest between. 

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leanmeanmomma gym workout maryborough hotel

You can’t expect to look after them if you haven’t looked after yourself!!

Let the change in season be the catalyst for change in your life too! It’ll make that winter stew all the more comforting. 

Yours, getting to grip with it all once again,

Cli xx




  1. Karen
    September 14, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the workout…looking forward to trying it

      • McCarthy Karen
        September 19, 2017 / 3:08 pm

        Tried it Sunday…really good, gets the whole body going. Toigh enough though only managed 3 rounds!! Not quite sure about the lunge and pull, is that a high pull?

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