The absent minded Yes

There is little more daunting at this point in our lives than that of the absent minded Yes. You know the scenario…you are driving & on the zillionth question about death, heaven or poo (because it is that random). It’s busy, cars everywhere & you hear ‘schlub bub bub Schlub bub bub” & the intonation on that last ‘bub’ signals an answer is required.

I normally give a ‘hmmmmmm?’ to begin with & an ‘ummmmmmmmm’ as a follow up but when pressed an absent minded ‘yes’ slips out. Because we all know an absent minded no, whilst some times the correct answer, normally yields a distressed response. So yes it is.


Generally speaking if my response is greeted with clapping & cheering and immeasurable excitement I swiftly realise it’s imperative I tune in & at least enquire as to what I have just agreed to. This can be difficult to ascertain what with the festivities taking place in the backseat. In general it tends to be something dangerous, awkward and wholely unsuitable.

For the most part a deft ‘oh no sorry we can’t wait on the roof for Santa on Christmas eve’ or ‘No shur, a pony would never fit under your bed’ solves the problem but every once in a while this does not suffice. And the fallout is epic. Forget the woman scorned and all that…..try reneighing on an agreement with a 5 year old.

And that my friends is how we came to going to the cinema in Mahon on a Monday afternoon. Not bad, I hear you whisper. No, not bad at all considering I absent mindedly agreed to a unicorn. So the new addition to our family shall arrive as soon as I am reminded again…..until that day I will live in hope that this particular absent minded yes will be forgotten.

(Lost in pre-cinema concentration)

I suspect that this week I will be especially susceptible to the “absent minded yes” it being half term. And now that it’s really only the beginning of the week & I have exhausted our top treat (cinema, popcorn, ice-cream… no particular order) what else to do?

Here are a few suggestions to keep the smallies busy:

Get to the cinema – an oldie but a goodie! Mahon point is showing a Peppa a Pig special at the moment. If you can bear it!!!!

Get baking – – Who doesn’t love a cookie?

225g (8oz) butter, softened
110g (4oz) Caster sugar
275g (10oz) Plain flour
75g White or Milk chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 170C.
Cream the butter until it is soft.
Add the sugar and beat until light and fluffy.
Sift the flour into the mixture.
Add choc chips and bring the mixture together until it forms a dough.
Using your hands, make walnut sized balls and place them slightly apart from eachother on a tray (You don’t need to grease or line a tray).
Flatten the balls bake them in the oven for around 15 mins.
Place the cookies onto a cooling rack and leave them there for around 15 mins.

Enjoy with a giant glass of milk or tea!

Get moving – go for a cycle or scoot! We are big fans of this and it works a treat especially if you have a hot chocolate stop built in enroute. Be it in a flask (money-saving tip!!!) or stopping at a van/cafe. As an example, we often go to the Mahon Line in Cork on a Sunday and stop off at the Blackrock market for a crepe and/or hot chocolate on the way home. Or on another day we pop into the grounds of Blackrock castle, scream up at the tower for Rapunzel and her hair, whilst waiting for our takeaway bevvies.


(Sound Disney advice here)

Get Planting – now is the perfect time to get those green fingers out into the garden. February is the perfect time to grow cress indoors. A favourite here are eggheads and they are so simple. Just stuff an egg shell with damp cotton wool and sprinkle with cress seeds. Simple.

(How cute are these cress-heads????)

If you forgot to plant bulbs last autumn you can get sprouting ones in garden centres now so why not assign a pot to each child and grow some. It’s not too late and measuring them is fun!

Get Drawing Life Sized – this is the best fun. On a GINORMOUS piece of paper, get kiddo to lie down and draw their outline. Then get them to fill it in with crayons, paint, collage…whatever takes you fancy!

Get to the Library – I did not realise what a fantastic resource our local library is. On given a choice between the playground and library last week, 2nd born chose the library! And this is despite the fact that we were actually parked in the playground when I asked her. But who am I to protest really? Warm library versus the playground in the Antarctic? Hhhmmmm. And besides where else do you get to browse a gazillion cookbooks for free??!



Get to the Fire Station – oh the lure of the red engine. Something for everyone in this suggestion! Ha ha. I have a good friend who knows what day and time the local station tests the sirens and cleans the engines so she walks down with her buggy weekly so her 3rd born can get his fix (and I’m sure it’s not too painful for her either). A small thing but it’s free and another memory made for sure!

So here are my cheap & cheerful half term survival tips. I’m sure many of you have very many more useful ones ……. As I really am only a beginner to this school holidays malarky! Please do share.

Yours absent mindedly,

Cli xx

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