The Day Trip that entailed Zumba Carnage!

Today was a fun day out! 

We don’t get many of them mid-week so when I got the chance to get my dirty little paws on some StellaSport by Adidas kit courtesy of LifeStyle Sports, well, I just couldn’t resist!

So a friend was recruited, childminders were bribed & off we set on the road to Dublin. The fact that we got to actually hold an undisturbed conversation in the car was bliss in itself. Imagine… constant interruptions but I did have to ask several times ‘Are we were nearly there yet?’ ….. Just for the hell of it. Life of a rock star eh?

To be honest, enroute we didn’t really have many details of what lay ahead….but quite frankly…we didn’t care….it meant a day away from the kids, we get to meet one of Ireland’s up & coming athletics stars Sarah Lavin, we get some kit, exercise & food. Enough said. We’re game!


And so on arrival at the new Lifestyle Sports Store in Grafton Street we got kitted out in some of the really comfortable & colourful StellaSport range. You can see the full range here. 


From here we headed to the Dance Ireland studios (mild panic setting in now – memories of my dance module in my first year of my Sports Science degree come flooding back. Forget white girls can’t dance….tis the tall ones that struggle evidently!!!!! Well this one anyway!) 

But it was all good fun! The music was great, the instructor was great, the studio and kit was great. In fact the only not so great thing about it was my Zumba technique. I’d say I’d be embarrassed to see myself but we worked up quite a sweat and it’s a great workout. Definitely give it a try if you get a chance!


As a reward for all our hard work after we headed to The Rustic Stone for a healthy lunch. It’s great to see places offering healthy alternatives that are really tasty. I had a superfood salad with poached haddock and a light Creme brûlée to follow. It was hard to resist the sugar free chocolate mousse on offer……so I had some of that too! Delicious!

And then tired but happy we returned home to stare at our lovely new kit. Oh and catch up on every single chore that we hadn’t done whilst away today!

Yours, dreaming of a life professionally dancing in Colombia,

Cli xx

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